ConBravo 2014 Cosplay Plans

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#1 zeekayart on 5 years ago

Post your cosplay plans here for ConBravo 2014!

I just have a tentative Kagome Higurashi plan so far, with Kevin maybe being InuYasha :D!

#2 SuperBee on 5 years ago

My bro wants to go... at this point in time it's a crap shoot as to what we'll bring.

#3 aubergine on 5 years ago

I'm planning on doing Snow White's war council outfit from Once Upon A Time.

#4 jukebox on 5 years ago

I'm bringing Kinzie from Saints Row (with a dubstep gun!) and Yang from RWBY. c:

#5 radioheart on 5 years ago

Maybe Fry & Leela?

#6 emm_gee on 5 years ago

Panty if i get my new wig on time, Peppermint maid and my third cosplay is going to depend on how much free time i have to finish Ryuko~

#7 SteamedRice345 on 5 years ago

Going to re-wear my Captain Marvel costume for Friday. I'm planning on making a Zuko cosplay for Saturday. If I have time, I'll definitely try to make Sailor Venus in time for the convention- if not, then I'll probably re-wear my Jade Harley costume.

#8 AJ the Collector on 5 years ago

Gonna be bringing back my Equius! :D

#9 Pasiphilo on 5 years ago

I'll be in the Artists' Alley again, but I'm thinking of doing something easy to wear behind the table because I've never cosplayed at a con that I worked at (I've only cosplayed at AN and FanExpo) but I'd like to start. I might try making a Scouting Legion guy without the maneuver gear. There's a sale at Fabricland today, too!

[QUOTE=radioheart;4876582]Maybe Fry & Leela?[/QUOTE]

I would love to see that!

#10 bizooey on 5 years ago

I've only done my first cosplay at Anime North this year, but I am probably going to re-wear my one-star goku uniform (klk) again with a couple updates, along with one (maybe two) Stephanie Dola outfits.
I was checking out the programming for Sunday and it seems pretty slim, so I might be tempted to make myself available as a photographer.

#11 AncientWanderer on 5 years ago

I just decided to go as of yesterday haha, so I've been mending Ursula as quickly as possible. I'm still hesitant on going Sunday, but if I do I'll probably pull out Kaylee from Firefly or some Battle Royale.

#12 Lulu Rush on 5 years ago

Sadly i have to work, but im going to fan expo. We're looking for other sailor scouts to join our group. I hope you all have a great time