Ani-Idol @ AnimeFest 2014

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Ani-Idol is a singing competition based on the famous show seen on TV. However, unlike the famous TV show, no one will be critical of their singing abilities on-the-spot. People sign up for this event to sing songs which must be primarily in Japanese in front of professional judges and a live audience. There are three rounds total. Participants are rated on vocal/singing performance, showmanship / presentation and stage appeal.

Audition Sign-Ups will be located at the [URL=""]Mu Epsilon Kappa[/URL] Booth. The booth can be found in the Bizarre Bazaar/Artist Alley. (Look for the large purple and black booth)

AUDITIONS: Friday - 6PM-8PM - Panel Room 1
SECOND ROUND: Saturday - 1PM-2:30PM - Panel Room 3
FINALS: Sunday - 3PM-4:30PM - Panel Room 3

Times and location subject to change. Please check the AnimeFest schedule upon arrival

[URL=""]Facebook Event Page[/URL]