Garruk Relentless Cosplay (Magic: The Gathering)

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#1 xtekirux on 6 years ago

Okay folks. I desperately need some guidance. I'm tackling my first set of cosplays for MonsterCon in South Carolina next month. One of them (per title) is Garruk Relentless, a fearsome planeswalker from the trading card game Magic: The Gathering. He's a hulk of a monster and I feel that I'm very similar to his body size (6'3", around 260lbs with minimal "fat") and hoping someone can offer some guidance. He has been shown with long hair before but I'm wondering if I really NEED the long hair in this version. You can't really tell the length of his hair with the helmet/mask on anyway and all the fur of his outfit. I plan on buzzing my hair soon as the heat is unfavorable to me and I sweat so much it's not worth having hair any more.

I also have NO idea how to go about crafting the mask to make it look nice and comfortable without dropping $200 on it. It looks to be made of metal in the image but I'm wondering if I can find a reasonably priced medium that I can morph into the shape I need. I intend to use a pole + crafting foam for the axe with some pleather for the wrapping on it. The horns are going to be... interesting... to craft.

Any guidance that anyone can offer at this point would be fantastic. I'm just hoping I'm not biting too much off for my first cosplay. x.x

Reference Image: [URL=""][/URL]


#2 Disaasterpiece on 6 years ago

Well, why not use craft foam for the mask, too? And I don't think you really need the hair if you have the cape thingie. The shoulders are so fuzzy, you probably wouldn't see the hair.

I'm doing Chandra this year, so I know how hard the plainswalkers are to craft. Good luck!

#3 lemuries on 6 years ago

Hair is honestly the first feature I look for on any person, but i am not typical. People may notice, but I think they'd be cool about it, especially because, as Disaaster pointed out, the hairy collar and shoulders should help to put it there visually anyway.

I agree that the helmet could be done in craft foam just fine. I seem to remember that people often use one of the other materials for the horns... like friendly plastic or something.

#4 samwillow39 on 5 years ago

ya,, you can use wig maybe for the hair...
and for helmet you can use craft foam