Steampunk Power Ranger

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#1 Prharden on 5 years ago

So I recently found out Wizard World is coming to my town next year. I want to go all out for it and I want to do something a little different. I have seen a bunch of different characters from other areas done in steampunk. I thought doing the Mighty Morphin Green Ranger would be a different route then I had seen. I have a couple different ideas in my head. My problem is I am on a budget. I need to find pieces for fairly cheap. I know for clothes finding then at goodwill and stuff helps. I'm just not sure where to find the gears and mechanics and stuff for it. Any help you guys could give would be greatly appreciated!

#2 ghosgreen on 5 years ago

What size gears are you looking for? I know you can find clock gears online for pretty cheap.

#3 Prharden on 5 years ago

Pretty much any size. I found a bundle of watch gears on eBay but I'm thinking I will need some bigger ones as well. I don't want huge ones but think watch ones may be to small for the overall look

#4 Ironhill on 5 years ago

See if there is a clock repair shop near you. If you can find a broken grandfather clock maybe you can get the gears cheap. The other option is to try making them out of 1/2 inch plywood using a scroll saw. Not the best option but it works.