Sakura From Tsubasa

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#1 humanoidrkangel on 5 years ago

i love her as a character and she does tend to get on my nerves but thats part of a love har relationship(LOL) Tsubasa is one of my fav anime's and as much as i love this cosplay, i have been put on a spot where i can not afford the next one i want and i have to sale my sakura from tsubasa reservoir chronicles cosplay to afford my next one. i have only wore this twice and i can not wear it anymore due to the amount of trouble it took more me to walk around in it being as it is to long for me...(being short sucks) i have made an ad in the marketplace for it. if you are interested in it i have everything but her gold band choker i am trying to sale with it i.e. top, outerskirt, pants, cloak, shoes (size 8), and wig. with that being said i do love the cosplay and i really hate to get rid of it being as it is a great cosplay and not cheap. it is also an XXL but with proper sowing i believe anyone and re size it i would if i could but i can not sow T^T.