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#1 Shingami Pole on 5 years ago

So I am completely new to cosplaying/crossplaying in general and as an out and proud transvestite I would like to maybe start of by doing my first cosplay as one of the cutest girls in the Marvel World, Wasp!! I'm going with "Earth's Mightiest Heroes" Wasp as her costume is really cool and looks like it can be a simple and yet challenging costume for a new cosplayer.

I am looking for some advice on just what to do with starting this as I really am a virgin to this whole thing. So I need to know what to measure, any advise on getting the dress right, putting zippers on it, accessory help etc. I am really going to appreciate all the advise :) Also I have found a satin material that looks really great but, being new, i don't know what it's like to work with so I could use some advice on materials as well.

Big thank you to anyway who can help me with this! :D x :heart:

#2 jgjenna on 5 years ago

Her costume looks adorable!

Here's a great cosplay I found, and some details notes to go with it:

Since you're just starting with sewing, I'd recommend getting a pattern. This one looks like a good base to get you started:

You're going to want to search with things with a "sweetheart top". Though this pattern doesn't have a very dramatic one, I think you could pretty easily alter the dress to look more like Wasp's.

I'm not a very experienced seamstresses, so I can't give you too much advice. My experience has taught me start early, find a suitable pattern, make as many mock-up dresses as you can, and in your mock-ups, use a material similar to the one you intend to make the dress out of.

#3 Shingami Pole on 5 years ago

Thank you so much :) I'm in the UK so i'll have to try looking for a similar pattern on our Amazon, I'll certainly give it a go.
I'm going to try putting a zipper on it as well because as a guy i obviously don't have much breast support so might need it too stay up hehe x

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