"Japanimation", "Japanime", "Japanese animation"...

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#1 BooDestroyer on 5 years ago

When's the last time you ever heard anyone call anime any of those?

The late 90's?

#2 Azuraschampion on 5 years ago

Ive heard that from my mom, dad, and grandma within the last year.

#3 ichigo_m. on 5 years ago

I use the term "Japanese Animation" to describe anime to people outside the community.

#4 Jei-Cos on 5 years ago

I call it "Japanese animation" or "Japanese cartoons" when explaining what it is to someone that hasn't a clue..

However..Me and my family (and like-family-friends) use Japanimation all the freaking time..We have been doing that since we very first saw the first airing of the original Toonami in the 90s lol

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