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#1 soliciana on 5 years ago


I was wondering if some people would be interested in free mini-shoots during the con?
I'm also a cosplayer, and plan on cosplaying during one day but the rest of the con I mainly wanna take pictures around the site, and maybe do some 30min minishoot with people who'd be interested.

But let me be clear, I am in no way a professional photographer, I'm merely starting, and that's why I'd like to get some practice, and that's also why I DO NOT CHARGE for the shoots. I cannot promise anything, but I will try my very best to give you the best shots possible!

That's also why right now I don't have a proper schedule, this is mainly to see if there would be people interested or not. Then if I get enough people, I will open up some 30 min slots. ^^

My baby will be a Nikon D3100. So it will still give beautiful result I believe ^^

you can respond on this thread if you are interested.

Thank you!!!!

#2 jess.claflin on 5 years ago

Hello, Interested for a photoshoot for Anime Boston! Totally open to what u available. Each day alters what cosplay.

Wanna see some of the cosplays: [url][/url]

#3 Sakuraharunogir on 5 years ago

Hello I am scheduling a photoshoot for my Naruto fandom I was wondering if you want to take some photos for me and my cosplay group on Saturday and possibly Sunday at 12:00 noon (we will end at 3) you do not need to stay for the whole thing but it would be nice to have another photographer :) let me know via here or Facebook (Julia Rika) thank you!!!!!!

#4 KVN on 5 years ago

Is there an area where you can take photos of cosplayers before actually having to show your ticket to get in? Sixty dollars for 3 days is very fair, problem is, I'm not from Boston, and cannot afford to stay at a hotel there for 2 or 3 days and also pay the $60 on top of that. I can pay $60 for one day, but that comes out to $90 for the ticket and my bus ride there and back home. Sorry, don't mean to derail your thread.

#5 elizabethshay on 5 years ago

Hey, Im interested in a photoshoot at Anime Boston preferably any time Friday when I will be cosplaying as Umbreon or Sunday when I will be Harley Quinn, for individual photos also my group is doing powerpuff girls saturay if your interested in group photos. Email me at [email][email protected][/email] or facebook [url][/url]
Look forward to hearing from you,

#6 elizabethshay on 5 years ago

Heyy, Totally interested for a photoshoot for AB. :D For solo cosplaying I can do Friday and Sunday :)).Saturday Im in a group of 3 people but Im sure they will be interested.(Powerpuff Girls) Each day I am changing my cosplay this year , Friday I will be doing Shiny Umbreon from the Pokemon series, and Sunday Harley Quinn. You can contact me at my email :[email protected] or at my tumblr Im up for any time on any of those days

#7 chrono4281 on 5 years ago

#8 EnvyIsMySin on 5 years ago

Hi!! I'd definitely be interested if you still have time left. Unfortunately I'll only be at the con from Friday to Saturday evening though. My only confirmed cosplay as of right now is Nanami Chiaki from Super Dangan Ronpa 2, but I have a few others that I may bring as well. If you have any room on either of those days, please let me know- you can pm me on tumblr (!! (or here if you don't have a tumblr, but I'm less likely to check as frequently)

#9 aerialknight on 5 years ago

If you are still considering practice-- could I have a couple photos of my Zidane and Garnet (Final Fantasy IX) cosplays together? Not sure if you are still offering or not. I will be there Friday and all of Saturday.

#10 SweeneyTodd on 5 years ago

Hey there, if you have any availabilities Friday, I'd love to get some photos done with me and my Angelica since we don't have any great photos of us yet. Let me know if you have any availabilities. Best way to reach me is through my Facebook page which is in my signature (SparrowStyle Impersonation). Thanks!