Where do you host your photos?

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#1 ko71ei on 5 years ago

I'm wondering but what service do you all use to host your photos? I imagine a lot of cosplay photographers have their photos on Facebook but what about DeviantArt and Flickr?

Are they all good?

#2 figment1986 on 5 years ago

I post "some" on deviantart cause it's social and gets attention... but my PRIMARY host is called Smugmug.com I've used them since 2007 when I initally started gettig into photogaphy more and more. they do cost money but it is worth it to me cause I have unilimited storage and backups....

#3 thebrick on 5 years ago

I have my own website with an unlimited data package. It's very useful and doesn't degrade the photos when uploaded a la FB.

#4 Ashurachan on 5 years ago

Facebook compresses horribly.
I post my whole sets on flickr, and a few select shots on deviantart.

#5 nathancarter on 5 years ago

Facebook for easy sharing (despite the crummy compression and image degradation), Flickr for hosting when I want to share photos on forums.

Recently got a Zenfolio account for proofing, but have only been using it for a couple months.

Dropbox when I want to just deliver whole sets in an easy-to-download package, without proofing or social sharing or any other frills.

I can also host 'em on our website, but I have been quite lax about keeping up with that.

#6 ItsTroy on 5 years ago

I upload to FB and then link my flickr for high-res images. Working on a website portfolio/blog thing to have my best images for viewing.

I guess it really depends on your audience. FB would work just to show where you were and save memories of the event.

I know some websites let you post your shoots and even offers ways to have them printed (for a price of course) to people who view them.

#7 Av4rice on 5 years ago

I put most my photos on flickr.

And I host my website on [url]http://www.nearlyfreespeech.net/[/url]

#8 carma_bee on 5 years ago

[QUOTE=Ashurachan;4865224]Facebook compresses horribly.
I post my whole sets on flickr, and a few select shots on deviantart.[/QUOTE]

I do the same. I like how fickr keeps 100% of the quality of my photos, keeps them looking great. I like how the site's set up too.

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