No Hetalia At Anime Boston?

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#1 Naudae on 5 years ago

So, after someone was kind enough to link me the listing for the photoshoots for Anime Boston, I looked it over...5 times. I didn't see anything, hint or otherwise, about a Hetalia photoshoot or gathering of any kind. This kinda freaked me out a little, so maybe it just wasn't put on the master list or whatever reason. Did I just not see it or what?

#2 _akariri_ on 5 years ago


Haven't seen anything on a specific photo shoot time, but if it comes up, it'll definitely be in one of those pages.

#3 Royalbakaness on 5 years ago

Yeah, it doesn't seem to be on the list, and the thread got pushed back to like page three, but here it is: [url][/url]
I believe they have a facebook page for the event (couldn't see it cuz I don't facebook). Hope that helps! Hope to see your Canada at the con. You look adorable as him!