CC34 is coming!

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#1 CapsuleCorp on 4 years ago

Hi folks! Costume-Con 34 is less than one year away! The hotel room block should be opening up soon, and registration is always open. We'd love to see a lot of people there, especially if you've always wanted to attend a Costume-Con but haven't had one in your area in the last few years. Really, it hasn't been in the Midwest since CC28 in 2010, and might not be back in our area until at least 2020 or maybe longer.

I'll be directing the Sci-Fi/Fantasy Masquerade, which is the competition for all things cosplay that aren't specifically historical. There's a separate show for that. If you have any questions, feel free to ask. I'd be happy to give you some encouragement and make sure everyone feels welcome and excited to be a part of CC34. I'm hoping that seeing that 34 is being run by people you know, people who've been around for a long time and cosplay regularly, lots of cosplayers will want to come and be part of the fun.

The conference is May 6-9, 2016, and it's in Madison, Wisconsin at the same hotel that hosts Geek-kon and Teslacon.

WHAT ARE YOU WEARING? I don't need to be kept secret on what you might want to enter in the masquerade, I'm directing, not judging. Tell me all about the pretty things you want to wear and show off!

#2 von Drago on 4 years ago

Let's start talking! Should I re-open the FFF thread?

#3 CapsuleCorp on 4 years ago

That's a good idea - that way people with questions about the Folio know where to look.

Running two contests myself is fun. :) At least, it's fun now. Ask me again in 6 months how fun it is.

#4 von Drago on 4 years ago

Maybe you need an assistant?

#5 CapsuleCorp on 3 years ago

So we're a little over six months out, I thought I would bump the thread to see if anyone has any questions. Costume-Con is coming up fast and this is the first time it's in the Midwest in a long time! After us it'll be in Toronto and then San Diego, so everybody in Illinois, Minnesota, Iowa, and Wisconsin should come on out while you have the chance!

Our theme is The Wonder of Nature, so I'm planning to spruce up my old Thunderstorm costume that I showed at CC28. I might even be entering something in the Single Pattern contest after we shoot a special video!

#6 CapsuleCorp on 3 years ago

Well we're less than three months out now, and while these forums seem to be mostly deserted, I thought I would bump one more time.

Pre-registration for Costume-Con 34 closes April 1. You can currently get a full weekend badge for $75, or if you're not certain you can make it, get a supporting membership by paying half now and then you won't have to pay full price at the door.

Panel submissions will close March 15. We still have room in the schedule for a lot of great panels!

The hotel reservation deadline is April 13, if you want to get the con rate and get into the CC34 room block.

The Future Fashion Folio is out so people can reserve their designs for the Future Fashion Show on Sunday. When you register for CC34 you get the Folio automatically! There's also the Single Pattern Contest during the Friday Night Social, plus the big two masquerades: the Sci-fi/Fantasy, which I'm directing, and the Historical.

We have Andrea Schewe, a pattern designer for Simplicity who has designed most of their new cosplay patterns, coming to do panels about reading and altering patterns, plus some amazing historical panels from museums and universities about armor and weapons. There is going to be SO MUCH to see, don't miss it!