First time Cosplayers need some help for Summer Comiket!

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#1 GeoffSpeed on 4 years ago

Hello! We are a couple of backpacking comic fans who are arriving in Tokyo on the 15th August for Comiket. Both big sci-fi, fantasy and manga lovers we've been to a fair few comic conventions but never actually managed to get involved with the cosplay side of things. This is our big chance to go all out on our first cosplay but we need a bit of help from any helpful Tokyo based or visiting cosplayers. Basically as we've been living out of our bags for the last 3months we haven't got the time or resources to actually make a decent costume. So hoping that there are a couple of possible options:

1. Is anyone going as part of a themed group that could do with a couple of fun people joining in? We'd contribute to any cost and aren't too weird looking or anything!

2. Does anyone have old costumes they'd be willing to rent out for the day? Totally understand if people are reluctant as these things are precious but we'd take super good care of anything..

If no one can help with this then that's cool, but any advice as to how we can source decent inexpensive costumes in Tokyo would be really appreciated. We know that it's taken pretty seriously here in Japan so don't want to do anything half-hearted; if we can't do it really well then we won't do it!

Thanks so much and looking forward to anyone's replies. Either post back in this thread or mail me direct at [email][email protected][/email]

Geoff & Becky x