help with my Juane arc cosplay

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#1 Juane_arc on 5 years ago

ok so i know what i am gonna need i have most materials what i am gonna use:
1 x6 sheets of foam
(to cover the armor so i dont hurt myself if i fall and also to make the armor thicker)
2 x1 24x36 steel sheet metal([url][/url])
(i got the tools to shape it into the armor)
3 x1 ea white and grey paint ( i ant leavin' the armor metallic)
4 x1 a black tee (duh)
5 x1 hood (attach to the shirt)
6 x1 brown ribbon (its a long ribbon)
7 x2 belts (to hold the sword if i were to make one)
8 x1 wig (my hair is brown)
9 x1 brown bike gloves (for awesome ness)
so now you have the list but what i need is a sewing pattern for the armor just a little plan for my to cut the foam and metal to shape i want it to be perfect...

#2 kandell on 5 years ago

This should really be in the construction forums. And without reference pictures, people won't be able to help you out.

#3 Jei-Cos on 5 years ago

First thing's first..Come join the RWBY thread:
It's better to keep all things asking about stuff in the threads already on the series topic rather than making new threads, as in, asking IN that thread.

Anyway this really also does belong in another forum if you wanna get outside the series help (like, people also outside the fandom help on general how to's).

But I have a question..
(to cover the armor so i dont hurt myself if i fall and also to make the armor thicker)
This is very confusing because this is not what cosplay armor is even for..Or armor in general ever..His outfit will NOT help your impact if you fall..Plus unless you just randomly fall over all the time for no reason, than I have no idea why you bother caring about that..You aren't gonna just start falling over because you're in a cosplay..So your reasoning confuses me..Also metal armor will hurh WORSE if you fall..You'd need to make it so thick and unrealistic to the character to make it cushion you..Just go with one or 2 layers of whatever material (I'd personally use cardboard or plastic sheets) you use.

Another thing..Armor sewing patterns? You don't sew this armor..You have to glue it and adhere it somehow (what materials you use will decide what glue is needed). Also just armor patterns in general, this is still a semi new series, as well as still pretty unknown to most of the world, so there will not be any patterns for their costumes just out there to get. You have to make them yourself or find someone that can for you.