Mother Gothel

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#1 Randommerade on 4 years ago

So if you've read my old posts, you'll know that I've considered asking my mom to be the Mother Gothel to my Rapunzel. After some convincing (mostly because my mom thinks Gothel is ugly), she agreed!! ::toothy: We need some help putting it together, though (we have until mid October, plenty of time).

I found this pattern ([URL=""]Butterick B4377[/URL]) that would be perfect. The dress is really similar (we would have to alter the sleeves and neckline but that's about it), and it even comes with a cape! I bid on it on eBay, so I should win it for only a couple of dollars.

What fabric would be good for this dress? I was thinking a faux velvet or velveteen, but would that be too hard to work with? How would we make her belt? Also, wig suggestions? (Her hair is black already but not quite that curly or long enough). Thanks!


#2 CheshireCat01 on 4 years ago

I made a Gothel dress for my mother for last Halloween aswell. I used satin as a base fabric and embroidered it:

My mother bought a Gothel wig online which was quite cheap but it worked well.

#3 BloodRose99 on 3 years ago

For a wig I def recommend Arda wigs, they are really comfortable, and I do believe they have a long, curly one like you need.

Can't help much with the rest, just wanted to comment and say I love that you're going as a Rapunzel/Gothel duo. I want to see so bad!!!