Tokyo Ghoul Yasuhisa twins cosplay help

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#1 Meeerrahhh on 4 years ago

My sister and i have been planning to cosplay the Yasuhisa twins from Tokyo Ghoul, this is our first cosplay so we don't really know where to start.. if somebody can help us out a little that would be great!
Here are some reference pictures:

#2 TMLiza on 4 years ago

Oh you didn't see the twins cosplayed much! :D

First off, how much sewing experience do you have? Other than finding the same dress in both black and white, the easiest way would be to sew the dress. Find a similar dress pattern with sleeves. Make sure it has a high neckline but don't worry about the collar wrap thing. You can make that out of a separate rectangle of fabric along with making the hood seperate and attaching it to the neck of the collar or the dress(not 100% what their outfit looks like from the back)

For the mask, you can either make your own or find one in stores and paint it to look like theirs.