Upgrading Glass

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#1 trav421 on 5 years ago

Hi Fellow Photographers,

I'm looking to upgrade my glass shortly and would like some input from ya'll. Right now I'm shooting a Canon 60D with a 50mm f1.8 and Sigma 18-250mm f3.5-6.3 (which has been kind of a dick lately and failed me on my last 2 shoots).

So what I'm looking at is a Canon 24-105mm f/4L IS and possibly a 70-200L, I had a good bonus this year at work.

So my question is for people that have the 70-200L, specifically the F4 IS flavor, do you think you loose out not having the 2.8 or are you happy with the F4.

Thanks in advance. Also, here's a link to my flickr for examples of my work, though it's not all cosplay.


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