Deathstroke mask question

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#1 ParaKnox on 3 years ago

Recently for a Deathstroke cosplay I bought an Iron Man 3 mask and painted it black and orange accordingly. I based it off someone else's cosplay who used that mask at the time.


The major issue is that although I completed my cosplay and attended a convention as Deathstroke, I felt the mask was incomplete.

The original user used bondo in order to fill in the mask's hollows and close up the gap across the bottom half of the mask (used for air flow). And in Australia they don't sell bondo here.

I had a go at using air-dry polyfilla on the mask and then painting over it, but I still get cracks here and there. I was wondering if anyone had advice on what material to use on a plastic mask in order to fill in holes and hollows