Official square enix blitzball impossible?

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#1 howdoimakethis on 5 years ago

I was wondering if it's even possible to find the official blitzball? I checked ebay USA, jp, au, uk, craigslist, some japanese auction sites, cosplay marketplaces, but none :( , should I give up?

#2 usuyukisou on 5 years ago

It's [b]possible[/b] that they will never make more, but recently Square Enix released more Yuna necklaces in the wake of the HD remaster of X/X-2 (and previously, for the 25th anniversary). Don't give up hope; check the official store daily. Mind you, I would highly suggest checking both the NA Square Enix Online Store as well as the JP Square Enix E-Store. Yuna's necklace showed up in NA site, but some other items don't.