Sydney Cosplay Group- SMASH 2016

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#1 Tsumikitty on 3 years ago

Well hi (1st post ahahahaha)

Sooooo I guess my title says most of it. I'm really keen on putting together a Cosplay Group or even just one other person for next year. Particularly one of Love Live!, but if that can't happen I'm also open to ideas.

My other cosplays (that i already own) are Touka from Tokyo Ghoul (blue jacket & shorts ver.) and Hungary from Hetalia (Childrens' Day ver.)

Please let me know if you are interested! The sooner the better for planning as well ^-^

Side note: If I can get people who want Love Live!, would you be open to learning one of the dance routines to perform?

#2 sammyizpika on 3 years ago

Hi (my first post too(I created my account to reply to your post ))

I found this post a while after you posted it but I hope you are still interested because i was thinking about doing a love live cosplay for smash this year too XD

#3 sammyizpika on 3 years ago

I also have a friend who would be interested and we are both willing to learn a dance! :D