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#1 Aleiki on 5 years ago

Hey there! I'm pretty new to cosplay photography, and I'm trying to find ways to improve. I'm trying to educate myself as best I can, but I'm still struggling to find what I like or dislike in a photo or pinpointing specific things I can improve on. I'm going to post a few of my favorites that I still think could be improved, so please tell me what you think!

(Forgive the low quality, all of the originals are on a harddrive that I've since packed for moving.)






#2 InfinityPoint on 5 years ago

Hi Aleiki! First off, great job on the photos! I think you are going the right direction, experimenting with different angles (top down, bottom up, etc), so keep that up. The more photos you take the more familiar you will be with what works and what doesn't.
First question, what equipment are you using? If you are using an iPhone or compact camera you might find it a little tougher to nail some of these shots simply because they are not as flexible in their settings (especially depth of field and freezing motion).
Your first photo is good, I like your choice of background. However, the shadows on the model are a little dark, especially around the eyes. The eyes are vital, so you want them in focus and bright, so you draw your viewer to them. Grabbing an assistant and having them hold a reflector (even something as simple as a white board) on the opposite side of you light source, pointed at the model, will help lighten the shadows. Moving the model and adjusting the hair so the eyes are visible would help too.
Your second shot is good too, but I would crop it a little tighter so the model is bigger in the image.
You third image... Again, could benefit from more light around the eyes. And I would straiten the image so that pillar is vertical.
Fourth is good, really like the idea! I think a different crop or, rather, different framing if the shot might really showcase this. Maybe in a landscape format with the same pose, but have the model filling the bottom 3rd of the frame.
Last one... Again, cool idea. The one thing is that the viewer can't see the eyes or even the faces very well. Perhaps backing up a big, coming at a shallower angle, so more of the faces are visible. It will also help cut the effects of lens distortion as well.
Just a quick couple suggestions, I hope you find them useful! Great job and keep experimenting!


#3 Aleiki on 5 years ago

Thank you so much, this was very helpful! The first photo was with an Olympus OM-1, an old film camera, and all the others are with a Sony A100. The quality was bad because I had to download them off of facebook, my originals were in storage haha.

Thank you for the note about the eyes! I was considering some kind of reflector when I found a good portable one, but I had only thought to use it for dark locations--now I have more of a reason to get one!

I don't have any other comments about the rest but it was very helpful! Thanks again : >