Arale-chan Shirt Detailing Help

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#1 Umexchan on 1 year ago

So I'm working on Arale from Dr. Slump. Her t-shirt under her overalls has a yellow band around the end of each sleeve and around the collar. What would be the best way to add that detailing? Paint? Sewing on bias tape? Some other method I don't know about? Does anyone have experience with something like this?

#2 DlGlT on 1 year ago

Can you post a reference image, please.

#3 Scunosi on 1 year ago

Here's [URL=""]Arale [/URL]believe.

Paint would be simplest but especially around the neck you'd want to see if you could stretch it out before/during painting. The neck area at least is likely going to be elastic and if you don't paint it while stretched the paint will constrict it after drying.

Your next option would be bias tape which may look a little nicer and move with the fabric more.

The last option is to literally make a t-shirt from scratch and use the yellow elastic from the get-go, but for basic items like t-shirts I think making it yourself is just giving yourself unnecessary extra work, unless you're like competing or something.

Depending on how much work you're putting into everything else I'd just go with paint or bias tape.

#4 CapsuleCorp on 1 year ago

It's actually super easy. That's a basic ringer t-shirt, I've made a million.

Just get a little bit of knit fabric in the yellow, cut bands, sew on. If you're altering a purchased t-shirt, take off the actual collar (it'll be a pain to take out the serging stitches but worth it) and cut a new collar from the yellow fabric, sew it on the same way. Remember that collar bands are actually smaller than the neck hole they go into, so they can stretch nicely to curve around your neck. If you cut the new collar exactly the same size as the neck hole, it'll stick up.

Sleeve bands, especially ones that don't squeeze in like sweatshirt cuffs, are even easier. Cut a band the same size as the t-shirt sleeve and sew it on. Either sandwich it over the end of the sleeve or sew it the same way as the collar is sewn on, both will look basically the way you want in the end.

You don't have to use bias tape and I actually strongly suggest against it for comfort...and also, you're limited to the width of the tape, which is only about a half an inch. For good solid contrast bands like that they're probably going to be an inch wide when finished.

You really only need about a quarter yard of yellow interlock knit to do the trick, if that. Super cheap.

#5 Umexchan on 1 year ago