Elsa Frozen Ice Dress Fabric

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#1 Black Blossom on 1 year ago

I'm selling the fabric I got for my Elsa ice dress. This project was off/on for a while, and I just never got around to finishing it :(
I would've loved to finish this cosplay, but there are newer cosplays on my list that I favor over this one. I probably would've worn the other cosplays instead of this one anyways, because I tend to linger in other fandoms than Disney so I'd be happy to give this to a new home.


[U]A few notes:[/U]
- The skirt fabric has been already been cut, as I finished cutting out the shape. I used a yard and a half (around there) and the Ice Princess pattern by McCalls, in Extra Large (American/Canadian). So it's pretty big for someone small; however it can be trimmed down. If you're taller, you may not need to trim.
- The cape also has already been cut out. I know it's not completely accurate, but it can do the job (that and I bought it before I found out where I could find the more accurate one...). Total length is a yard.
- The pieces of craft foam were meant to be used for the bodice, as I found a tutorial where you'd spray paint them and adhere them to the base of what would be the finished 'top'.

Price for materials, and two large pieces of fabric is $20, plus shipping, from Canada. I can give you a quote as I don't usually have a set shipping price (depends where it's going). I can negotiate, and any other questions you can pm me.

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