Fear of no one recognizing you

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#1 pokoppoki on 1 year ago

Hey all!

I'm excited to go to Anime Boston and other cons. I really like taking pictures, but it's cool when I get pictures taken of me. Makes me feel really happy when someone recognizes me! This year I'm being Twintelle from ARMS (most likely), however I don't know if people will recognize me. I even cosplayed as Sora (Kingdom Hearts II Tron ver) and no one recognized me. It made me feel a little bad.

I don't mean to feel like a baby or sad about it but does anyone else feel like this?

#2 xIkuna on 1 year ago

Oh yeah, 150%. It sucks when you get so excited and spend time and money (sometimes a lot) and it doesn't feel like it has a big "pay off" in the end. It does dictate who I cosplay and who I don't, too. Like, I prefer comics to anime, however there's only anime cons in my area so I just don't cosplay comic characters :( It's a bummer for sure

#3 Jei-Cos on 1 year ago

I can almost guarantee you were recognized a billion times as Sora. Just because they didn't take your pic doesn't mean you weren't recognized. But the reason you didn't get your pic taken as him is more than likely because of how many other Sora cosplayers there are, and they want more variety in their pictures. Even though you did a less cosplayed version, it's the same character. They don't 70 pictures of the same character.

As Twintelle, it'll be a LOT harder to get recognized as the games is more recent and less known since it's a Switch exclusive.

The best idea you can do is hire a photographer. Guaranteed pictures. But seriously, don't worry that much. You know how many of my images I find from people I didn't hire (or friends), less than 1% of the images. I usually find a singular image ever that I didn't have a friend or hired photographer take. And even then, that's only happened about 5 times out of 18 cons.

#4 Zoeyromanov on 1 year ago

If I were attending and saw you, I'd definitely recognize you. ARMS is quite a unique game, so for me it'd be hard not to. I don't think you should feel bad if someone doesn't recognize you, it's just something you might have to get used to.
With that said, I know you'd like people to take your photo and get excited about your costume, which is a nice feeling but again you shouldn't feel discouraged from going to cons because nobody recognized you.
Me personally, I go for myself - I'll oblige to anyone who'd like to take a photo of me, or someone who loves my costume but at the end of the day I go for me.
I go as someone who makes myself happy, and I know who I am. There others who like to show off; and that's ok too (provided they don't go elitist).
It could also be that every con experience is different - when I went as Alexis Rhodes from Yugioh GX, everybody loved my outfit. When I returned to my con as Ruri (also from the Yugioh series) only one person recognized me despite my best efforts to add stuff to a casual outfit to show who I'm supposed to be (and that I wasn't really wearing a costume too but still). And that some people don't know what series you're cosplaying, let alone the characters. And I'll be honest, on the way home from my con I confused Charlie McCree (from Overwatch, and who I didn't know at the time) for another character from a series I know of because they have a very similar outfit.
I hope this didn't come as discouraging (which is the last thing I wanted to do), but it just depends on the people really, and you should be happy with your outfit even if nobody else wants a photo. You should go for you! :D

#5 pokoppoki on 1 year ago

Yeah, I paid around $300 on my mentioned cosplay and only 3 people recognized me. It's like I love the character, but returning home in a hot muggy skintight cosplay without any pics is just a little discouraging. I just took of the cosplay during the con :/

#6 Angelx624 on 1 year ago

There's characters I cosplay that don't get recognized. One that comes to mind is Shouta from the Id[email protected] I've cosplayed him since 2010 and a lot of the times no one recognized who I was, mainly because not a lot of people knew [email protected] back then and the new boy band was even less known. Now we have the Side-M anime(and lots more male idols XD ) and I'm working on Shouta's new default outfit and hope that this time more people recognize me with the exposure he's getting now. XD

#7 ghosgreen on 1 year ago

Pretty much me with every costume I roll out in. But yeah it's always of the dice. Unless your costume is something extremely popular at the time and well known its a bummer you might not get the reaction you want. I've definitely been there for the last few costumes I've premiered. You put a lot of time and effort into it and then it goes kind of unnoticed. That's why the costumes I really have my heart set on I usually set up something with a photographer so i can get some pictures for it at least. So no worries we feel the same way. Also that sounds amazing you did the Tron version for Sora's costume. Absolutely amazing oh man that would of been so cool to see.

#8 sooyong on 1 year ago

I don't care if people don't recognize me--I'm only a little annoyed when people mistake me for a different character. I guess when I was younger I'd be embarrassed about not being recognized, but now I think it's a little more embarrassing if someone asks who I am when they KNOW they're not gonna recognize the character's name or the series.

#9 Scunosi on 1 year ago

While it's disappointing to not be photographed, I think that's a separate issue from not being recognized. I've done a decent amount of characters that got little-to-know character recognition but still had my picture taken. I don't worry too much about if my character is popular or not (and I actually prefer to do less popular characters or version so I stand out a little) but I do get upset as any character if no one asks for a picture the whole day.

I am surprised that you didn't get any requests as Tron Sora though. Even though as Jei said Sora's a little overdone, assuming you had lights for the Tron outfit those sort of effects are usually really good at grabbing eyes and getting photo requests. So that's kind of weird.

I think Twintelle could go either way for recognition. On the one hand she is a non-main character for a console-exclusive game, but that console is the Switch which is doing gangbusters. She also has a bit of a meme status thanks to her ass-ets so even people who don't own a Switch may know her. If you play her up and go big with the hair I think people will stop you for photos.

But obviously the only way to guarantee photos is to hire a photographer. Next time you drop $300 on a costume, pay somebody the $40 it takes to get professional photos done. You won't regret it.

#10 KuruttaKanashii on 1 year ago

Even if people don't recognize your character, that doesn't mean your cosplay won't be appreciated. I dressed as Dodo Chaplet, an obscure companion to the First Doctor from way back in 1965. It's a cute little red and black polka dot mod dress and hat. I wore it to a few cons, had two or three people recognize me, and many more tell me they had no idea who I was but they liked my outfit.

#11 Tigress on 1 year ago

This happens to me a lot because I often cosplay from obscure or old school series. I usually reserve those costumes for when I still want to cosplay, but don't want to be stopped for pictures every five feet. It's fine if I don't get recognized, because I already know how awesome my cosplay is and the few fan reactions I do get are more enthusiastic and genuine. (Like one girl a few years ago that was super excited that I was cosplaying from Basilisk.)

#12 Sonic Whammy on 1 year ago

Yeah, this is very open to interpretation like everyone said, how do you interpret recognition? Is it strictly based on if people take your picture, or simply call out to you or even just point as they're passing by? You want that payoff for all the hard work, but how much of a payoff are you looking for?

I'd even argue that sometimes you just don't have the right crowd around you. There's always going to be someone that knows what you're doing, but they're not where you are when you are. I probably mentioned this before, but I once saw a 12 year old girl at NYCC cosplaying in the curtain dress from the Went With The Wind sketch on the Carol Burnett Show. That's something that no one in the anime world should have any clue what it is, but I did, and I made sure to bring a picture back with me because I knew my wife would get a big kick out of it.

Sometimes you just get lucky like that. So don't get discouraged. I'd back what others are saying here, get the pro shots to guarantee you have it and justify the hard work, and anything else that happens beyond that is gravy.

#13 Dr Tweed on 1 year ago

I've only been doing cosplay for a couple years and the whole first year, several different Cons, I did the same character- Dr Jones.

It's a VERY popular character! Everyone smiles and calls out "doctor Jones!" or catch-phrases from the movie, and everyone wants a pic. It surprises me all the young people who weren't born when Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade came out still recognise the character.

EVERY time I did that character people would tell me "you need to do Allan Quatermain from League Of Extraordinary Gentlemen!"

So I did... and very few people recognise me. In a way it's kinda cool, because I can walk around a Con and not get stopped for a pic every ten feet.

All through 2017 I alternated between those two characters at Cons, a Doctor Jones Superstar day and an Allan Quatermain Who The Heck Are You day.

Works for me!

Maybe the OP can try that? Doing an extremely popular character one day, a character that's personally significant to you, but obscure, on the other day.

#14 Jigouku Chou on 1 year ago

Oh yeah, not being recognized sucks big time. As the others have said, a good way to get the photos you want is to hire a photographer. I've done cosplays where I wasn't stopped once but I still had a happy time because I got photos.

There's no real way, in my experience, to determine beforehand if you're going to get stopped a lot. If your costume is elaborate or "sexy" you'll probably get stopped at least a few times, but even some of my best cosplays were either not recognized or ignored. My advice is you cosplay what you love and try not to worry about how many pictures you have taken of you. That doesn't indicate your worth.

#15 Syon on 1 year ago

The moment you chose something that isn't the ultimate hype/classic, you run into the risk of not being recognized. The more obscure the character, the worse. And if that character looks just a bit similar to another, but more well known character, people will mistake you all the time.

As someone who ends up doing 50% obscure characters, I feel you. Its terrible. My only solution is to try to look awsome. Like really beautiful, sexy, epic, stunning etc. It will get me noticed, even if people may not know who I am supposed to be. I also focus on the joy of being a one-of-a-kind cosplayer. The journey is all yours, there aren't a milion tutorials for every exact piece of the costume out there and chinese stores don't sell a cheap-satin version of it. And people are just too happy you aren't another SS Harley, 2B or D.va. in her standart outfit. ;)