One Piece 2017

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#1 Kiosuke_X on 2 years ago

Hey guys!
Kiosuke_X back once again to bring you all another gathering for One Piece. As some of ya'll know/don't know, I didn't run the gathering last year but did help assist it. I have ran the gathering for multiple years and decided to continue doing it again this year. I hope everyone will be able to enjoy it like last year

Date: 1/28/17 (Day 2)
Site: North Courtyard (It's the same location as last year for previous members. For new people, it's across from the Rose Garden)

Time: 12:20 pm -1pm
Facebook: [url][/url]

Gathering Attendees:
Kiosuke_X Sanji - One Piece Gold All white variant
Kiosuke_X Co-Host Kisuke - Luffy - One Piece Gold All Black variant

#2 Killer J on 2 years ago

Awwww Yeeeeaaaaah.

#3 Amberleh on 2 years ago

Will be Impel Down Bon Clay! Gonna be rough 'cause I'm also hosting the FT gathering later AND I have an Artist Alley booth and Saturday is always the crazy day, BUT A TRUE OKAMA NEVER GIVES UP!