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#1 AJ the Collector on 2 years ago

The usual thread for full reports on your con experience. Use the template used in this post to share your own report!

Starting with my own, naturally, more info to be added as it comes to mind...

Who did you cosplay as?: No one, none of my cosplay plans worked out :c

How many days did you attend for?: All three plus Thursday, stayed til the very end

Most memorable event/moment: Talking with Monica Rial and getting her interested in someday voicing Bulleta from Darkstalkers, witnessing people seeing Excel Saga for the first time, Friday's brief rain making the perfect atmosphere for the Fullmetal Alchemist photoshoot, the planes flying in lower than usual all weekend,

Most unexpected event/moment: Seeing LittleKuriboh at Fox Bistro and realizing it two seconds later, discovering how low Nobuyuki Hiyama's real voice is, Monica Rial recognizing me from AN 2012 just by my face,

Most awkward event/moment: Running out of material for the Random Games photoshoot and having to end it early due to WAY fewer people coming to it and staying than normal,

Favourite event/moment: Teatime with Deadpool, finally meeting Nobuyuki Hiyama, meeting and talking to LittleKuriboh, starting to rewatch Barakamon and Gourmet Girl, dinner at Tucker's Marketplace, Sunday's predicted downpour not happening, the Love Live photoshoot and the ouendan ravers there, the accidentally perfect Friday FMA photoshoot, watching Blame! in the hotel room,

Least favourite event/moment: Not getting to meet Lex Lang and Sandy Fox because I couldn't afford autographs from them, missing out on meeting Tomoyo Kurosawa, not breaking my photo record, getting cheated out of cheese on my burger at Harvey's despite paying extra for it, almost missing out on dinner at Tucker's Marketplace,

How much money did you spend?: Around $300

Best cosplay you saw: There's no way I can decide!

How many pictures did you take?: Around 540-550 plus 3 short videos

How far did you travel in order to attend the con?: From Thorold

How sad/happy were you when the con ended?: Let's face it, who's ever happy to witness the end of each year's Anime North? I wish it could happen 365, 24/7. In fact, I was incredibly sad upon leaving it all behind at the end this year and legit almost cried.

What variety of food did you eat over the weekend?: Water, hotel dinner (beef and cheese nachos, orange juice and brownies), peanut butter and jelly sandwiches, Coke, Vanilla Coke, Cherry Coke, peach juice, apple, bananas, energy drinks, chips, Creme Eggs, Pocky, Harvey's dinner (burger, fries, Dr Pepper and vanilla shake), Tucker's Marketplace dinner (bread roll, Coke, pepperoni pizza, cheese pizza, roasted potatoes, sauced meatballs on mashed potatoes, cherry tomatoes, chocolate cake and chocolate sundae), Fox Bistro dinner (burger, fries and milk), hotel breakfast buffet (cheese omelet, sausage patties, scrambled eggs, turkey patties, chicken sausages, baked beans, Froot Loops, strawberry yogurt, peach yogurt, blueberry yogurt, waffle, cranberry juice, apple juice, orange juice, milk and various condiments), chocolate Mochi Ice, beef onigiri, Calpis, cola Faygo, 7Up

What did you buy?: Pocky, dinners (Fox Bistro, Tucker's Marketplace, Harvey's), panda fan, Toriel button, figurines (various Pokemon, Animal Crossing Amiibos, Princess Peach, Lee Pailong), Holo pinup doujin, omamori, lunchbags (Lapras, Love Live), clearfiles (Ace Attorney, Pika-Matsuri), plushies (station master Pikachu, Ditto, Jynx), cards (Pokemon, Digimon, Yu-Gi-Oh, Animal Crossing: New Leaf), Rilakkuma pouch, cute food magnet set, Calpico, beef onigiri, posters (Seraph of the End, Tokyo Ghoul), Tokyo Ghoul bookmarks, cute poop pencil sharpener, DVD box sets (Azumanga Daioh, Darkwing Duck), AN 2017 lapel pin,

Things you won't miss: Suddenly feeling dizzy and sick at points throughout Saturday, money troubles, aching feet, humidity on Saturday, unexpected heat bursts on Sunday, lack of Dealers Room variety,

And finally, what did you do when you got home from the convention?: Stripped down to my boxers, set my computer back up in its usual spot and slept until almost noon the next day

Any additional stuff you wanna say?: It wasn't the greatest of AN trips, but it still turned out better than I thought it would, and I enjoyed my time there and remain happy I went.


Who did you cosplay as?:

How many days did you attend for?:

Most memorable event/moment:

Most unexpected event/moment:

Most awkward event/moment:

Favourite event/moment:

Least favourite event/moment:

How much money did you spend?:

Best cosplay you saw:

How many pictures did you take?:

How far did you travel in order to attend the con?:

How sad/happy were you when the con ended?:

What variety of food did you eat over the weekend?:

What did you buy?:

Things you won't miss:

And finally, what did you do when you got home from the convention?:

Any additional stuff you wanna say?:

#2 LugiaP2K on 2 years ago

#3 Black Blossom on 2 years ago

My turn! :D

Who did you cosplay as?:
Friday I was hipster Ruri Kurosaki, Saturday hipster Rin, both from Yugioh! Arc-V.

How many days did you attend for?:
Just two, Friday and Saturday. Didn't end up going Sunday.

Most memorable event/moment:
It would have been if I met/saw Little Kuriboh, but the best for me ended up being that somebody recognized me Friday since I didn't end up finishing my costume. That made my day.

Most unexpected event/moment:
Saw my old friends at the con.

Most awkward event/moment:
Even though it was great seeing a couple of old friends, they were with other people they were friends with so that weird for me. I know I can't be friends with everyone, but it was weird to be around so many people and know only three.

Favourite event/moment:
...none, unfortunately.

Least favourite event/moment:
Not ended up going to any panels/events.

How much money did you spend?:
None, but I'm ok with it.

Best cosplay you saw:
So many good ones! But I have to say the Angemon. Real nice guy, too.

How many pictures did you take?:
Just three! I love taking photos, but honestly I was taking it all in.

How far did you travel in order to attend the con?:
About 25 - 30 minutes by express buses, another 15 for the walking so 45 minutes.

How sad/happy were you when the con ended?:
I reckon I'd be real sad on Sunday but I'm disappointed the con ended early on Saturday for me because neither of my friends wanted to go the last day because they were beat. Understandably though.

What variety of food did you eat over the weekend?:
I brought food from home Friday, and Saturday I had Tim's.

What did you buy?:
Nothing. I did want a black flat brim Luna hat but didn't end up getting it.

Things you won't miss:
The sore muscles from walking around everywhere.

And finally, what did you do when you got home from the convention?:
Friday I had some McDonalds my sister brought home, gave myself a massage from being sore; and chilled. Saturday I had dinner and chilled out, then put my cosplay stuff away.

Any additional stuff you wanna say?:
I'm already planning for next year, and this time I will have a costume that's actually finished. Not sure if I'm looking into a hotel just for convenience; probably won't happen. This time I will actually throughly look through the program book to see what's up; and actually see something and go earlier to take in more of the con.
If I go, I'll go with badge mail out so I can just head Friday and enjoy it and not be stuck in line.

#4 DireKitty on 2 years ago

Who did you cosplay as?: Cindy from FFXV and Yurio from Yuri on ice

How many days did you attend for?: all

Most memorable event/moment: Having a voice actor show up to our room and end up drinking with us until 3:30am...

Most unexpected event/moment: I guess the above lol

Most awkward event/moment: didn't have one

Favourite event/moment: seeing that damn bus/train whatever at the digimon shoot... lololololol....

Least favourite event/moment: Spending over an hour finding the photoshoot signs -_-;;

How much money did you spend?: 40 bucks at AN and like... idk, 20 bucks on food? I brought my own food from home.

Best cosplay you saw: ugh hmmm.... bastion i guess

How many pictures did you take?: idk, not many and my phones pooched

How far did you travel in order to attend the con?: 2.5 hours

How sad/happy were you when the con ended?: always bittersweet

What variety of food did you eat over the weekend?: pizza from home. i'm sick of pizza... made wings last night was great

What did you buy?: art

Things you won't miss: walking

And finally, what did you do when you got home from the convention?: sleep

Any additional stuff you wanna say?: pandemic is a great boardgame

#5 ShinobiXikyu on 2 years ago

Who did you cosplay as?
Tali'Zorah from Mass effect on Friday, Motoko Kusanagi for most of Saturday (after dinner I wore jeans and an N7 hoodie, I was too tired to care), and Anastasia in her court dress on Sunday.

How many days did you attend for?
All three, arrived Friday at hotel check-in time, and checked out Monday morning.

Most memorable event/moment:
The Friday drag show. DAT MALEFICENT OMG @[email protected]

Most unexpected event/moment:
Almost every time someone wanted my picture in Kusanagi, which was a surprising amount. I got almost no attention for that costume the last two years I wore it, so I didn't think this year would be any different. WRONG!

Most awkward event/moment:
Not recognizing half my cosplayer friends because I couldn't tell it was them. XD

Favourite event/moment:
The improptu Disney princess meetup in the IP on Sunday. Only one other person came, but we had a blast with fancy and fun pictures together! And as soon as two princesses are in a room you attract cameras from a hundred feet away and kids from 500. :P

Least favourite event/moment:
All the stupid protesters. THREE different groups, FFS! Next year I'm bringing something to throw if this shit happens again.

How much money did you spend?
Just about all my budget; not counting hotel and getting there, I had $300 in cash and $60 for food. All but about $20 of it spent and then when I got home it went to laundry and some Tim's for lunch :P.

Best cosplay you saw:
Seems I missed most of the most OMGWOWAMAZING ones in person... I can't name any off the top of my memory that made me go WOWWWWW!

How many pictures did you take?
That I myself took? Just four. One of someone's chalk signage on a guardrail which has gone viral on the facebook group much to my astonishment, a few selfies with some other cosplayers, and otherwise I had a nice bunch of photos in Anastasia, a couple drunk Tali shots and I got my bf to take one of me posing in Anastasia with a maid's cart ("In Soviet Russia, grand duchess serves YOU!").

How far did you travel in order to attend the con?
From Guelph.
How sad/happy were you when the con ended?
Sad, but glad to be able to go back to normal clothes and no wigs again for a while.

What variety of food did you eat over the weekend?
Milestones, poutine, a delicious chocolate cake, a couple milkshakes, sushi, onigiri, a delicious taiyaki and dorayaki, juice boxes, granola bars, cereal, pound cake, various pocky, a single cocktail, and a Monday breakfast of waffles with fruit.

What did you buy?:
Not a whole lot this year. Aside from food; two prints, several Studio Ghibli DVDs both new and used, a dragon book in the nomi, an amigurumi turtleduckling, a pair of koi tabi socks, body paint, a new keychain, and candy/pocky. ...okay, maybe a decent haul but almost all small-scale stuff, most expensive stuff I bought was two new DVDs.

Things you won't miss:
Endless lines, too-soft hotel pillows and stupid protesters.

And finally, what did you do when you got home from the convention?:
Got groceries, then vegged out.

Any additional stuff you wanna say?
I was SO glad that the rain happened on Saturday instead of Sunday and very happy overall that the weather was what it was this year. Anastasia didn't have to flirt with muddy disaster!

#6 SuperBee on 2 years ago

#7 CeruleanThorn on 2 years ago

Who did you cosplay as?: Blake Belladonna from RWBY volume 4. Though, all I was able to finish was the jacket so I still need to complete her...

How many days did you attend for?: All.

Most memorable event/moment: When I asked for someone's picture, and then they asked for mine. It's like I'm fangirling over your cosplay and you're fangirling over mine and we understand each other. It's a nice feeling.

Most unexpected event/moment: Someone cosplayed Professor Tomoe from Sailor Moon. I was pleasantly surprised and impressed.

Most awkward event/moment: I couldn't find the email with my AN ticket, but luckily that was sorted out. Also, the end of the Sailor Moon Merch panel when things got a bit heated, yeah, that was pretty awkward.

Favourite event/moment: The RWBY panel was fun.

Least favourite event/moment: Walking everywhere in heels on Friday and Saturday.

How much money did you spend?: I think about 180 total.

Best cosplay you saw: All of them.

How many pictures did you take?: Under 20, I'm always bad at that and my phone died mid-Saturday.

How far did you travel in order to attend the con?: 3 hours.

How sad/happy were you when the con ended?: I was a bit sad but I'm going to Toronto Sailor Moon Celebration in a month so I'm okay.

What variety of food did you eat over the weekend?: I went back to that amazing place at the International Plaza and had their takoyaki, mochi ice cream, rice balls, and croquettes. Unfortunately they were sold out of taiyaki. I also had some poutine, and a pulled pork sandwich from some of the other food trucks. Next year I really want to try that pulled pork parfait!

What did you buy?: Not much, honestly. I was heavily tempted by the Sailor Moon purses and wallets I saw...and this one vendor that made chocolate shoes (I got her card, and I will contact her), but I just walked out with a huge plushie from Natsume's Book of Friends.

Things you won't miss: Sharing a room with three other people. There was nothing wrong with them, but I don't like for people to see me when I look like a mess in the morning/evening. Also waiting in traffic, going around in heels, and walking aaaall the way to the back of the parking lot through the dirt to get to the car.

And finally, what did you do when you got home from the convention?: Rested and mentally prepared for work the next day.

Any additional stuff you wanna say?: I had fun.

#8 sandra03 on 2 years ago

Who did you cosplay as?: Najenda from Akame Ga Kill

How many days did you attend for?: 3

Most memorable event/moment: someone running over to tell me my cosplay was "perfection" :)

Most unexpected event/moment: AN Idol. I've never been interested in this event but we had time to kill Sunday and no panels interested us so we decided to pop in and check it out, mainly just so we could sit down lol. I was very impressed by some of the talent!

Most awkward event/moment: there's a tie.
1 -some lady from the conservative event filming without consent, getting in my face with her phone even after I very obviously deliberately turned my back to her
2 -a random guy stops me to compliment my cosplay in the hallway in IP, and then proceeds to drop the BIGGEST SPOILER on me from the series I was cosplaying from. It's a fair assumption that someone has seen/read all of a series they are cosplaying from, but I actually haven't finished this one yet. Really bummed me out lol

Favourite event/moment: 404's 18+ show

Least favourite event/moment: skipping another event that we really wanted to see to go to fanfiction the show, because they were really funny last year, only to realize that they read the EXACT same fics that they read last year. very disappointed that we missed something else to go see something we've already seen. bleh. Also skipping another panel we wanted to go to to stand in line for one that we never got into because they booked it in such a small room. booo. by the time they closed the room it was way too late to go to the other one.

How much money did you spend?: over 200

Best cosplay you saw: I'm not sure what it was called/from, but the dude in the huge blue mech full body suit

How many pictures did you take?: not very many, as I had limited use of my right hand while in cosplay lol

How far did you travel in order to attend the con?: not far but took 3 hours by bus

How sad/happy were you when the con ended?: I left with mixed emotions, and then mostly sad when I found out my friend's cat passed away while she was at the con with me all weekend :(

What variety of food did you eat over the weekend?: I'm vegan so it's slim pickings for me at these things. a lot of inari, kelp onigiri, veg samosas, and a lot of snacks that I stocked up the hotel room with

What did you buy?: mainly just manga from the nominoichi, a couple pairs of tabi socks and a new phone charm from the dealers room and some art from the artists alley

Things you won't miss: confunk, trying to maneuver around the con without glasses, an eyepatch, and limited use of my dominant hand/arm. weeeeee!

And finally, what did you do when you got home from the convention?: ate, unpacked, went to bed.

Any additional stuff you wanna say?: I was a little disappointed in the variety of panels, the selection of jrock bands this year, and the fact that we weren't able to see a lot of the panels that did interest us because they overlapped and/or were too far apart to be able to get from one to the other in time. the cosplay burlesque show neeeeeeds to be in a larger room in the future. they grossly underestimated how popular that would be lol.
It would also be nice if the TCC stopped double booking. Having the north building last year was really nice. the main building felt less crowded, the larger events they held there had tons of seating, and it freed up the ballrooms for other things. We really felt the difference this year with crowding and full rooms etc.. plus politicians creeping around taking sneaky pics and vids is not enjoyable.

#9 Arokh Fithos on 2 years ago

Anime North 2017 Report

[U]Who did you cosplay as?: [/U]
Victorian Moonlight Masquerader & Extra Servant from Black Butler

[U]How many days did you attend for?: [/U]
Friday Afternoon - Saturday Evening

[U]Most memorable event/moment: [/U]
Moonlight Masquerade Ball, not only when I got to sit at the best table of the event, with the best combination of people, but also being able to fulfill a dream, by slow-dancing with a pretty girl in a real Japanese Kimono, while in my Edwardian Suit.

[U]Most unexpected event/moment: [/U]
When I won the Manga prize from the Nerf Gun game ticket draw at the Moonlight Masquerade Ball, But also giving it to someone else I promised to if I won anything.

[U]Most awkward event/moment: [/U]
Cards Against Humanity from 1AM - 4AM Friday Night

[U]Favourite event/moment: [/U]
When I saw everybody I knew there, but most of all, Jacynta as Drake: The Bandit!

[U]Least favourite event/moment: [/U]
Believe it or not, the TeamFourStar panel was actually pretty disappointing for me.

[U]How much money did you spend?:[/U]
Just under $80 out of $100

[U]Best cosplay you saw: [/U]
Drake: The Bandit from The Legend of Dragoon, that made the whole time there worth it!

[U]How many pictures did you take?:[/U]
Only 4, due to having only that much left in the portable camera I brought with me.

[U]How far did you travel in order to attend the con?:[/U]
About 125KM Southeast

[U]How sad/happy were you when the con ended?:[/U]
Well be it may so, I wasn't happy or sad that the con was over for me, just really hanging on to whatever energy I had left.

[U]What variety of food did you eat over the weekend?: [/U]
Moonlight Masquerade Ball Food, Drinks, Desserts, Candy on Friday
Subway Sandwich on Saturday, & LOTS OF WATER the whole way through

[U]What did you buy?: [/U]
A commission of Zieg Feld & Rose from TLoD, & a print copy of a musical art piece from Gallery Momiji

[U]Things you won't miss: [/U]
Doing all-nighters to save money, as I'm getting too old for it, so I'm getting a hotel next year.

[U]And finally, what did you do when you got home from the convention?: [/U]
If I recall correctly, I had some super to eat from the Thursday before, took a shower, put on some pajamas, and went to bed multiple times before my theatre rehearsal.

[U]Any additional stuff you wanna say?:[/U]
If anything, it is this. I will get Zieg Fled done next year, hope to see my cosplay partner there to be my Rose, & gonna try to do an official AN TLoD photoshoot, as well as participate in the Masquerade. Good luck to everyone with their future costume plans, & hope to be back here for Anime North 2018!

But overall, this was one of the most pleasant AN years I've ever had here, which is refreshing, & nice to have once in a while.:sunny:[/CENTER]

#10 Shimi on 2 years ago

Who did you cosplay as?: Kuro from Servamp

How many days did you attend for?: all 3

Most memorable event/moment: Finding Lawless (another servamp cosplayer) on Saturday!

Most unexpected event/moment: Being told that there was a Licht & a Lawless cosplayer at the con on Friday! But alas, I never found them. T.T That's why I was so happy to find a Lawless on Saturday! ^^

Most awkward event/moment:
On Sunday I was being super lazy and collecting puzzle pieces on my 3ds when somebody asked me if she could take my picture. I said "Sure!" and asked if she wanted me to stand or if she had any particular pose in mind (because I was too lazy to think straight). She said it didn't matter, so I chose to continue crouching with my video game as Kuro often does (thus, I was being in character). Less than five seconds after she left, I realized that she probably couldn't see my face very well (if at all) while I was crouched!
I still feel bad about it! (If anybody knows who that person is, please tell her I'm really sorry for being so inconsiderate!)

Favourite event/moment: Meeting up with that Lawless cosplayer on Saturday. Lawless was the only other person who got a picture of me crouched! Then again, there was that person who got a picture of me with my face on the floor and ass in the air on Friday! Good times...

Least favourite event/moment: As mentioned in the most awkward moment, my least favourite was that moment of realization. (Argh! The guilt!)

How much money did you spend?: Less than expected. Maybe $200?

Best cosplay you saw: ............ Um... Lots of amazing cosplays! x_x

How many pictures did you take?:
One. Jak & Kiera from Jam & Daxter series. I'm not too steady with a camera, so I don't normally take photos, but I made an exception for this couple! (Because I really had to show my sister how awesome they looked!)

How far did you travel in order to attend the con?: Niagara

How sad/happy were you when the con ended?: Sad.

What variety of food did you eat over the weekend?: instant noodles, chips, onigiri, fish&chips...

What did you buy?: manga. Lots of manga.

Things you won't miss: ...

And finally, what did you do when you got home from the convention?: Dinner and manga!

Any additional stuff you wanna say?:
To the girl I mentioned from Sunday, I am so Sorry!
Also, I wonder how many people remembered to watch Doctor Who on Saturday? :P