San Japan 2017- looking for roommates

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#1 Jularxene on 2 years ago

Hello! I'm wondering if anyone is interested in rooming with me, I have a room at the Grand Hyatt with 2 full sized beds for August 31- Sept. 3 and am looking for roommates! I ask that you are 18+, responsible drinkers ( if you drink), clean, drama free and must be ok being around 420.

I'm Juju, I'm 25 and have been attending Anime Expo for 13 years now, as well as other Cali cons, I am new to Texas.

I am used to big cons but am falling more in love with small cons and how relaxed they are. I treat cons like a mini vacation, so feel free to bring drinks and have a fun time, but this is NOT a party room, just saying lol.

The whole room rate is $960. I'm hoping to get 4 of us all together, so 3 spots are currently available. It would be $240 a spot.

Thanks hope to hear back from people soon!