Lipstick color recommendation?

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#1 Rhujaa on 3 years ago


I am hoping to get recommendations for specific brands/colors of lipstick/eyeshadow/eyeliners that would suit my needs for Katsucon next month. I will be wearing a wig from Arda Wigs in [URL=""]Electric Blue.[/URL] My costume will have a mixture of (in order of prominence): a similar blue color to the wig, white, silver, and a darker more "blue blue" [URL=" Blue 16.jpg"](like this)[/URL] as an accent.

Let me know what you guys recommend! I'm kind of a novice with makeup.

#2 Ion on 3 years ago

A little more guidance would yield some answers. We don't know what you're going for based on your post. If you can give an idea of your vision and answer some or even all of the questions, we'd have a starting point.

1.) Would you share a photo of your character? People here are quite good at character-based recommendations.
2.) Do you just want a blue lipstick to match your wig and costume?
3.) Do you have any "makeup inspiration" like a certain look from a tutorial or what a model is wearing? Share pics/links.
4.) Are you just looking for a pretty shade that works well with your skin tone etc.?
(If this is the case, posting a photo of yourself wearing the wig will give us an idea of what will colors will work best for you.)

#3 Rhujaa on 3 years ago

1. I am doing an outfit based on [URL=""]Dragonair[/URL]. I don't have the ease of taking a picture right now because my friend is working on adjustments, but it's the [URL=""]Princess Zelda Simplicity pattern[/URL] - except the overlay is in blue (matches the wig very closely) instead of pink.
2. I'm thinking blue, yes, but I don't know what shade of blue.
3. I don't have any inspiration so far, I'm a complete novice looking for inspiration.
4. I'm not sure this applies, because I want to match the whole cosplay... but if it helps I have very fair skin.

#4 AdventurerEmily on 3 years ago

There are quite a few blue lipsticks on the market now. Without knowing the exact shade or formula you are looking for, here are some options:

Lipstick Queen [URL=""]"Hello Sailor"[/URL] (true blue)
[URL=""]NYX Macaron[/URL] "Blue Velvet" (matte electric blue) or "Earl Grey" (matte powder blue)
[URL=" grid:p281411"]Sephora Cream Lipstain[/URL] "Sea Mist" (sky blue) or "Siren Song" (aqua)
[URL=""]NYX Liquid Suede[/URL] "Little Denim Dress" (matte bright sky blue) or "Jet Set" (matte royal blue/indigo)
[URL=" grid:p393859"]Ciate London Liquid Velvet[/URL] "Envy" (matte teal)
[URL=""]Anastasia Beverly Hills Liquid Lipstick [/URL] "Paint" (metallic royal blue)
Jeffree Star Matte Liquid Lipstick [URL=""]"Blue Velvet"[/URL] (royal blue) or [URL=""]"Breakfast at Tiffany's"[/URL] (Tiffany blue) or [URL=""]"Jawbreaker"[/URL] (neon aqua)
OCC Lip Tar [URL=""]"Pool Boy" [/URL](matte aqua) or [URL=""]"RX" (matte true blue) or "Rime" (pale turquoise with gold shimmer)[/URL]
MAC [URL="!"]"Blue Bang!"[/URL] (matte bright blue) or [URL=""]"Designer Blue"[/URL] (metallic ocean blue) or [URL=""]"Dreampot"[/URL] (matte aqua) or [URL=""]"Indigo-Go"[/URL] (matte cornflower blue) or [URL=""]"Instant Icon"[/URL] (matte neon baby blue) or [URL=""]"Jean Genie"[/URL] (matte sky blue) or [URL=""]"Show and Teal"[/URL] (matte teal) or [URL=""]"Soft Hint"[/URL] (candy blue pearl)

You'll need a good pencil to go under whatever lipstick you choose, to prevent feathering and make it last longer. There are several white or clear pencils that will suit this purpose.

As for eyeshadows and eyeliners, there are simply too many to list. If you can find a reference photo or video of a specific look that you're hoping to achieve, I can recommend products based on that.