request: commision prep tutorial

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#1 Dictamnus Albus on 2 years ago

ive browsed the net for a vid tutorial on preping for a commision
and came up with nothing

i was hoping someone with decent experiance in ordering or doing commisions
might feel like making a tutorial vid

describing how to organize referances/sketches, add notes, necessary data
prejudge an outfit for budget, select appropiate fabric choices for weather and quality

and really go step by step through the "whole 9 yards" of organizing for
and setting up a commision

forgive me if theres blogs about that, im sure there are,
(ive probably been directed to one before years back)

but personally my brain just quits on me when reading such things
and would greatly appreciate the greater context that a video provides

#2 CapsuleCorp on 2 years ago

You know, that's a great idea. As a commissioner, I feel like this would benefit me as well as clients like you.

I don't have the means to shoot a video though, so I'll push the idea toward a friend of my who does vlogs for cosplay and see if she can make it happen.