Mystic Messenger Photo shoot! (Come one. Come All!)

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#1 HamburgerStreet on 2 years ago

Hi there! :wave:

Me and my friends are going to try to get a Photo shoot organized for AnimeNEXT this year. We wanted to see what the interest level would be. Is anyone planning on cosplaying Mystic Messenger or would like to see a photo shoot for it? We are accepting ALL Characters. Duplicates/AUs/genderbends are welcome.

Definite location/Date is still TBA while we are this far off, but more updates will follow regularly.

It's still a ways off, but if you know what character or even what day you will be wearing it please let me know! I will be there as God Seven with an MC and Yoosung!

Tata for now =p

#2 TMLiza on 2 years ago

I'm still deciding on plans for this con but I might bring fem. Seven for Sunday. :)

#3 HamburgerStreet on 2 years ago

Nice! Yeah everything is still up in the air at this point, but we are definitely bringing 707 and MC at least one day ^^