Looking for a suit cosplay

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  • Hello everyone,

    I am new here so sorry if I don't do this the proper way (I try to).
    So I am looking to go to a comic con and I want to cosplay something/someone, but I don't really have an idea / equipment. But what I do have is a good black suit.

    My question is: Does anyone know who or what I can cosplay with a black suit.

    I got short brown hair, I am 1.83 cm long, brown eyes, 61 kg.

    Thanks in advance :)

  • Shizuo Heiwajima from Durarara!! might work, no suit coat but vest, bow tie, blonde wig and sun glasses? Bonus if you can make a large light pole to carry around.

  • Any of the Turks from FFVII could work. There are a couple from Before Crisis that have brown hair, or you could use a wig. The Hitman Reborn characters are often in suits. You could always do a classy dressed up version of your favorite character too (Bleach, Naruto, etc).

  • [QUOTE=my_dark;5053307]The Hitman Reborn characters are often in suits.[/QUOTE]
    Skip the anime and just do Hitman, Agent 47. He's a well-known "suit-only" character (though he does actually wear things other than suits). You'd need to shave your head or wear a bald cap but he's a pretty go-to suit cosplay. Especially with the latest Hitman game out he's got plenty of suit and accessory combos to choose from.

    I've seen a couple Daft Punk cosplays that are typically in suits, that would be a bit flashier than your average guy in a wig and suit. The builds for the helmets with working lights are pretty nuts though, especially if you don't have much experience with that sort of thing. A non-working helmet is always an option, too, though.

    There's also the classic James Bond, which would just mean getting a prop gun and maybe one of those fake theater martinis so you look the part more. Wouldn't really be super relevant at most cons but you'd likely be the only Bond there. In a similar vein the various Snakes from the Metal Gear franchise all have suit options as gag New Game Plus outfits. You'd need a wig since you're hair's not long enough but mullet wigs can be found at any costume shop.

    I'm not really current with anime, so the only guy I can think of that wears a modern but not highly stylized or historical suit is [URL="http://yuyuhakusho.wikia.com/wiki/Sakyo"]Sakyo [/URL]from Yu Yu Hakusho. Not exactly a hot series, and not totally recognizable on your own, but if you can find a group of YYH cosplayers you'd fit right in, and he's a fairly rare cosplay so you'd stand out from the group.

    Also try not to worry too much about your eye color or height/weight; those are details that you can try to match if you want, but people understand you can't really change about yourself (without a lot of work at least), and contacts can be expensive or even dangerous depending. Things you can see from a distance like hair are much more important. Basically don't write off James Bond just because you can't match Daniel Craig's baby blues.