Hellsing Gathering AX 2016

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#1 TenguShredder on 4 years ago

Hello Everyone I'm the Host of a Hellsing Gathering. To all my Hellsing and Hellsing Ultimate fans and cosplayers out there and to those that aren't or just hearing checkout the manga or series and you'll understand and we welcome you to be part of it. We're all here to be nice and friendly and get along not just a characters from either series , but our real selves Thank you all hope to see ya soon in the summer 2016. Also even crossovers will be allow to make it more interesting and we also want to see characters we never really see from the original series Like Helena, Valentine Brothers, Laura and Incognito and Ultimate Hekinal, Yumi , Maxwell, Vlad the Impaler level Zero [B][/B]

I'm Cosplaying the Captain and my Co-host as True Vampire Sera :bouncer::bouncer:
We love to see everyone there and Show what Hellsing is all about

Los Angeles Convention Center
1201 S Figueroa St, Los Angeles, California 90015

Date July 1 at 3:45pm-5:00pm Friday

Site of Location near the South Hall is gonna be in shade area so we don't sweat in the heat and make sure you bring water and invite family and friends as guest and if you see any other hellsing characters around let them know and spread the word like Game of thrones Wild Fire


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