Otakon 2017 and Bronycon 2017 on the same weekend next year

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#1 star-raider on 3 years ago

While Otakon is moving to DC, Bronycon will remain at the Baltimore Convention Center.
However, looks like the Pony Convention has fallen on the same dates for next year.
What's everyone's take on this? I know a good amount of people usually go to both cons, especially the locals up in MD/VA/DC.
Looks like a bit of a "competition" has started between the 2.

What do you all think about this? Which one are you going to? And do you think attendance for both conventions will be impacted?

Curious to see what everyone in the "nerd/cosplay" community has to say about this.

#2 Emerald_Star on 3 years ago

It's not really a competition, more like a coincidence. Otakon books contracts something like 5 years out, where as Bronycon is much newer to Baltimore. It's like the year PAX East and Anime Boston fell on the same weekend, it happens sometimes.

#3 belligerent on 2 years ago

I could be wrong but I would imagine it would impact bronycon far more than it would otakon. DC isn't so far from baltimore that people who are locals would necessarily have to stop going, and unless you just really like ponies, i can't see bronycon being such a big draw if there's another convention nearby the same weekend, especially a big one like otakon. according to wikipedia, bronycon's attendance dropped around 25% this year. not sure about ota.

#4 CountMetal on 2 years ago

I have a lot of priorities on my mind that I will miss either convention.

#5 Darkneko666 on 2 years ago

Hi guys. Just wanted to let you all know me and the other host of the pony shoot and meet ups will still be holding the shoot. We have enough people on the fb page who would rather attend a multiple theme con over the single mlp theme con. Ponies will still be at otakon for as long as me and ladybass fox can keep going

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