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#1 AlexandrMin on 3 years ago

Hey Guys ,what do you think about my shots ?
Any constructive criticism is welcome))
Right now i working in Ukraine,but sometimes i thinking about idea get somewhere abroad and try cosplay commercial i have any chance ?

#2 gypsy_girl on 3 years ago

Cosplayer here, who dabbles in photography. I think the quality of the pictures is good. Some of the lighting is not as faltering as could be. You want the subject to stand out and really be the centre of attention. The first picture I think is the best and any cosplayer would be happy with it.

#3 brucer007 on 3 years ago

Hi Alexander. I am a professional photographer. I like the lighting on your subject in each shot. It's soft, which makes the shadows less distracting, and more natural.

Your locations don't seem to fit the characters, except when you blurred them, and kept them simple. I know, the venues for Cosplay events can be limiting on appropriating scenery, but try your best to find them, or find a relatively simple background that is interesting enough, without be distracting.

I like that you had at least one pose looking away from the camera. Do more of those. It will make them look less posed, and more natural.

The second photo is a nice pose, and shows the costume well, but again, the location seems too modern for the costume.

Be careful not to over-expose the brighter parts of your photos.

If you want to get even more natural poses, you might try having them move during the photo. You can get hair and costume to flow in movement.

You can see my huge gallery here at at this link: [url][/url]

Here are some samples of my action shots:

#4 DanArt on 3 years ago

Trying to sum things up. Note I do study
photography as part of my ciriculum so.....

All of your models looks like if they have taken
a super mushroom, and have transformed.


Toxic Avenger
She Hulk
Wonder Woman v. Her actress self
Aeon Flux v. Her actress/3d fake.
Lara Croft original Model v. The lame actress who played
Lara Croft
The thing ( via the ring ).

You understand what I am getting at. They fit the cliche of a
standard model or theater height. However that could
be proportion and perspective as most women are small bodied
even if they appear tall.

The warrior mystic girl. The first shot looks out of
place. her open legs does not match her upper body. She
could be more relaxed enough. However looking again it does
makes me think about Zebbs II or Zebbs III from "Lexx".

The second shot looks like your using a softbox ( however
it looks like your using a a softbox or beauty dish in the
eyes ) above her head, or a low light source of some
sort. I do not know the distance between you and the
subject v. your zoom. My camera has no zoom at the moment
so I know it affects the image itself. In the first shot
we do not get to see her body so much. But the second
we get a good idea of her body. However the Zoom/distance
from the subject is also affecting the over all outcome.
That is a looooooooooooooooooooooooooooott of model.

Because the previews are so big I notice the eyes as well
as the gritiness of the materials.

Background could be changed otherwise for a fast paced
animation it makes sense. Some retouching on that.

The girl with the blue outfit. The hair could be
a bit more tidy. I like the lighting but could be
more on the legs. Big grown women in school girl

The second shot you actually made
use of the skirt tidiness. Do not be afraid to use
strach. After staring at her for awhile her skinny
body looks decent for the out fit. However while the
first shot is obviously more creative ( lighting
and background ) the second shot also is lacking
lighting. However if your matching animation it
seems okay....but it takes awhile.

The background of the second model of the second shot
could be more colorful or cartoony.

The bunny picture. Need lighting in areas not lite up.
Otherwise Great. Her face matches but again could be

Hello Kitty. That bench could be brighter.
Background could be cherrier. Or it could be
Hello Kitty with the factories, and smog.

Otherwise your shots are succesful and logical when
considering the real world itself. It really depends on
the perspective of the viewer and why they are looking
at the image. All of your shots could be used commercially.

Otherwise you have made more successful shot in terms
of cosplay then I have.