Daenerys Winter Outfit Fur Technique?

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#1 Party Gaara on 2 years ago


My wife and I are going to do a Jon Snow and Daenerys duo cosplay, and she wants to do the winter outfit from a few episodes ago. It looks to be fur that has been... altered... in some way. Here are the pics. I don't even know where to begin.




Should I find a faux fur and, dare I say, shave the pattern into it? Thanks in advance for any insights!

#2 Penlowe on 2 years ago

It is indeed shaved.

With faux fur this might be very tricky as it will expose not leather but the fabric base.

That is an exceedingly ambitious build. I've worked with faux fur as well as real and various types of leather and frankly I wouldn't touch it unless I won the lottery and had thousands of dollars to throw at the project.

#3 Party Gaara on 2 years ago

#4 nathancarter on 2 years ago

This interview suggests that it's constructed from a zillion individual strips:


#5 lunaflora on 2 years ago

maybe you can get away with using those maassively fat chunky furry yarns and sewing/gluing that down to a base instead. but even then it's so much work.

#6 Mangochutney on 2 years ago

With high-quality, dense faux fur with dark root and light tips and a shaver held at an angle (ie don't hold the cutting blade perpendicular to the fabric) you could probably hide the base fabric of the fur and get something looking like that. The layers of white everywhere but down the back though, that's 100s of strips stitched together and shaved. You COULD do that.

D'you want to? I DUNNO.

#7 Penlowe on 2 years ago

[QUOTE] You COULD do that.

D'you want to? I DUNNO.[/QUOTE]

yeah. Even if I were being paid a nice wage I would not really be excited by that. It's an obscene amount of work.

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