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#1 HarleyHyena on 5 years ago

I don't have any pictures of us cosplaying here... But, I want to know if everything looks okay. Nothing is edited [I'm not sure HOW to edit or I would.]

For this picture... I KNOW I should of used a brown blanket... Or a darker one at least.

And this is my first 'jump' photo I've ever taken... When I told him to make 'shapes' with his legs, he went a little crazy with it lol.

I'll upload a few more later.

#2 KVN on 5 years ago

Photo 1: turn on the pop up flash!

Photo 2: Get closer, you're too far away!

#3 builder396 on 5 years ago

Also, on the second photo the flash is on, you can clearly see it on the grass at the bottom of the picture, its just strangely bright and outlined. For that kind of shot flash is useless, because the object you want to photograph is too far away, using flash is only good at both close range and if there is very little other illumination. Truth is that most modern cameras already enhance dark pictures very well on a digital level, so even photos during dusk can still turn out to be good. Also it drains the battery a lot.

#4 brucer007 on 5 years ago

Picture (1) The Sun coming throughout he hair creates distracting, unflattering shadows on her cheek. It would be better to turn her away from the Sun, just a bit. Use a reflector to the left of the camera to fill in the shadows on the face. A flash on camera will do, but it is too harsh, and creates an unnatural flatness. The tilt to the camera detracts from the composition. Showing her from a more side angle would show her body, rather than a severed torso effect. Be careful not to let them distort their face by leaning on their hand.

(2) Staying low to the ground was a good move, but moving closer will put him higher in the sky, instead of mixing with the dark trees. Jump shots are easier to do when the Sun has more intensity. Then you can get a higher shutter speed to stop the fast movement. The flash hitting the grass pulls the eyes away from the person, since the person did not get illuminated by it. Again, I recommend to avoid direct flash. Reflectors or off-camera flash will look better.

#5 shumi31 on 5 years ago

I guess first one is not bad but the second one needs more brightness. I guess your focusing was not perfect to the subject.