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#1 Chikkijet on 5 years ago

Hi all,

I'm making Elsa's snow queen dress for an upcoming con and I've decided for my skit to try and use her Coronation cape as my 'reveal' during Let It Go...

Just wondering a couple of things-

What fabric would you suggest that isn't too expensive or difficult for a beginner to sew with? I don't mind if it's not accurate fabric type, so long as it 'looks' right, since it is coming into summer here in Dubai (30'C+ already) and we'll be outdoors.

Also any ideas on pattern? I thought a half circle would work but then remembered that I want to modify my cape so it overlaps in front to hide the dress underneath.

Any help much appreciated!

#2 Satine on 5 years ago

Whoops, started replying for the snow cape ;)

It's a definite velvet, edged in velvet ;) Velveteen when washed can looked amazing and has a short enough pile to not look too plush :).
I wash my velveteen in cold water with lots of conditioner then hang it out on a really windy day or a wet then dry series of days (basically to either smash the creases out in the first instance or hang them out in the second.) Velveteen does tend to creep but not as much as with a longer piled velvet and it is easy to baste or pin the heck out of it.
The shape is more extended than a half circle, this is both good and bad- mainly because piled fabrics have a definite nap so you have to have everything in one direction which winds up costly.

There is piping on her pleats too :) Same shade of purple as on the edge of the yoke. Not sure if the piping is velvet as well- it makes more sense to be a satin, in reality anyway ;). And I couldn't work out if it was only on the outer edge of the pleats or inner edge too. But I think I saw the blue ray and HD digital are released either now or soon :)

#3 Chikkijet on 5 years ago

Thanks Satine. Well for my purposes it doesn't have to be an accurate shape- it just needs to hide my dress while I walk onstage. Since my ice cape is not long nor sectioned (long story lol) it should be hidden.

Velveteen seems like a good choice for the looks but I'm wondering about the temperature and the ease of sewing... anything 'fluffy' seems like it might jam up my machine- I've been having issues with it the last few days and yesterday it jammed quite badly- think it's due to a dust storm we're having...

I wonder if there's something else that would work as well to give the right look- no one will see it up close. I'd like to make a more accurate one but maybe next year with her matching dress...

Edit: Today I went shopping for more glitter for the ice cape so had a quick look while there. Spotted fabric in a fairly good color that seems to be some kind of non shiny crepe... it has texture but not too much and drapes really nicely... plus I could afford it unlike the velvet which was beautiful but way too much. Am rapidly running out of money on these cosplays lol.... no more for quite a while I think! Anyway now just trying to figure out the pattern. Seen a few examples online but mine needs to close in front, sooooo.... I guess I'm going to just try draping it and see what happens. The fabric doesn't seem as though it needs to be lines, either. It's hard to describe, the guy didn't know what it was but to me it seems like suiting fabric?? Anyway should do the job for now.

And definitely I would love to do it properly in velvet/een in the future along with the dress. Maybe for Comic Con next year?? :D

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