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#1 Naudae on 5 years ago

So yeah, here's your chance to be on an Ask A Nation panel! My two friends and I are trying to host it this year, as this will be my one friend's first and possibly last convention before she goes off to college, and what better way to make her dream come true than to help her out with this!

So, here's your chance to help us out! We need people to be on the panel! We're NOT doing 2p! or Nyotalia this run. This is straight normal Hetalia in proper uniform, no casual for the panelists. If you're interested in being on the panel, message either myself here or my cosplay page [url=https://www.facebook.com/AzureAngelCosplay]here[/url] or my friend on her Skype: Paige Ashmore(France) to set up a chat with the three hosts.

At this point in time, here is who we have. This list WILL be updated as needed:

Prussia: Naudae(Me)
France: MissRedRoseAnge
Spain: MissRedRoseAnge's Friend
America: MissRedRoseAnge's Friend
England: MissRedRoseAnge's Friend
Canada: Naudae's Friend
Greece: MissRedRoseAnge's Friend

We're looking for as many countries as we can get. Note that the ones with Friend by it do not have a Cosplay.com account or chose not to surrender their Facebook/Skype info, but that's neither here nor there. Keep in mind that even though a spot may be filled by a "Friend", we will still gladly accept auditions EXCEPT for the BTT(Prussia, France and Spain) as we are the hosts. We're doing it this way since you can't really do the usual audition videos AT THIS POINT. I'll change how things will go as we get closer, but things will still work the same. Have fun and we await your interest! heehee

#2 MissRedRoseAnge on 5 years ago

I am the France, that is also in charge of this panel. Since Prussia's already posted my contact information, I won't do it again. But I will say that I am on Skype almost everyday, so contacting me would not be too difficult for any other questions/or concerns during and after your audition. :skidude2:

#3 belligerent on 5 years ago

Is there a reason you're applying for my group's panel or...?

#4 xHonkX on 5 years ago

Is the panel still open to apply for?

#5 itouchedflorida on 5 years ago

I'm wondering is it just the normal characters or are chibis (baby) characters allowed? I cosplay chibi America and I would like to be in the panel but I'm not sure if that's okay. Also if you want to reply I guess answer here but I just made this now and I would reply on my email that is [email][email protected][/email] :spinner: danke~! If you need a video reply I'll do it as soon as I can.

#6 Naudae on 5 years ago

...sigh...though it really pains me to say this, and it really REALLY does...due to circumstances beyond our control, my friend and I have decided to not be the ones running the Hetalia panel for Otakon this year. There are some rather unfortunate behind the scenes antics that resulted from the two of us wanting to run it, and to avoid pointless anger and animousity with fellow hetalians, we've chosen not to run one.

Don't fret though. Apparently, someone else will be doing it, so by all means, search them out and inquire about the panel with them. Sorry for any inconvenience this may cause anyone.

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