Universal Costume Contest Group Limit?

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#1 Kayla Marie C on 6 years ago

Does anyone know how many people are allowed per group? I have a group of thirteen (13) including myself, and we want to enter the universal costume contest in 2015 because Anime Sushi's contest doesn't accept Disney. Has anyone ever been told their group is too big to enter?

#2 Emmalouwho2 on 6 years ago

A group of six Hobbits entered the Univ. contest, but I don't know about thirteen...It'd probably be best to ask 501st Legion.

#3 MissLumetta on 6 years ago

Depends if you want to tell them or not. There was a huge group of people that didn't all put their info on the paper and just kinda showed up on stage.
However, if you are not sure, wait till they post the info for the contest. Keep in mind the announcer guy doesn't really bother reading that many names or reads all the names and ignores everything you write on the paper.

#4 Kayla Marie C on 6 years ago

Well I'd hate to not ask Mega, then have thirteen unamused girls to answer to that morning...

Also, the 501st Legion does NOT run or make the rules to the universal costume contest. They're just guest judges. I wanted to clarify: that came straight from them. They answered my question immediately, whereas I've sent my concern to Mega staff months ago and again last month with no answer..

Ah welll. thank you for your help though guys! I really appreciate it.

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