Am I too short to cosplay Italy?

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#1 Dark_Chocolate1 on 5 years ago

I'm 4'9 and I was thinking about cosplaying Italy since my dad is going to cosplay Germany. Would it look kind of wierd since my dad is like 6 ft(the perfect Germany though). Give your honest opinion. I make a Edward Elric(full metal alchemist) or wear my Ciel Phantomhive(black butler) cosplay. I'm equally happy about doing either one so give your honest opinion.

And what is your opinion on hetalia cosplays where the character isn't wearing their usual outfit. I want to wear my Italy soccer jersey and carry a soccer all around with me all day so I can bug Germany about playing soccer. Again, honest opinions.

#2 WondererBailey on 5 years ago

Okay, this one is a bit more recent XD.

My honest opinion is that height really doesn't matter too much. I won't lie, there are people out there who are picky about things like that, but they're usually not the people you should be listening to in the first place ;D. I cosplayed as Levi from Attack on Titan, he's 5' 3" and I'm 5' 11"/6'...If it's a costume YOU really want to wear and it's something you'll have fun in, then it's perfectly fine.

As for alternate character outfits, they are just as loved as their regular outfits. There are literally TONS of alternate Hetalia cosplays that are super awesome! I think it would be awesome if you were dressed as Soccer!Italy bugging Germany to play soccer! There was actually a FIFA Hetalia thing going on for a while.

I'm also assuming this Germany is your dad again? Then yeah, bugging him is fine XD....if it's someone else though, a stranger, it's usually best to ask. Most cosplayer's are pretty nice, so if you want pictures with them, of them, etc....all you really have to do is ask. Though on that note, if they're eating or sitting down or in the middle of a conversation, it's best not to ask then XD. Chances are they're hungry or tired or something.