Dota 2 Gathering 2014

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#1 tjimmy2 on 6 years ago

All the following is subject to change, as nothing is Nailed down quite yet.

Day: TBD
Time: TBD

List of attending ~ Character of attendee
Tjimmy2 ~ Pudge, The Butcher

Photography Order:
Group Shot
Radiant Heros
Dire Heros
Strength Heroes
Agility Heroes
Intelligence Heros
Group Shot

Other information, and introductions:

Hello Folks, I was Pudge last year that gathered somewhat together the Dota gathering, as it was attached to the League gathering, but we kinda got blown out of the water (no offence to League whatsoever, I barely advertised this gathering), so I decided to make our own gathering, as we had a decent number of cosplayers, and I hope for more to join us. If you got a question at all of what the gathering is going to be(as it is getting nailed down), I am more than willing to answer your questions, just ask. I will be Checking the Fanime forums more often, but I am going to get this on the list of things I check weekly.

Fanime Forum: [url],18869.0.html[/url]

Photos of last gathering : [url][/url]

#2 tjimmy2 on 6 years ago