Let's Chat: Legend of Korra

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#1 MaiCosplay on 5 years ago

Let's discuss Lok.

Highlight may contain spoilers->:D This is me with the volume off with the trailer first appearing.

This is me with it on: :<

My personal thoughts:
Horrid voice actors.
A lil bit too much romance and drama/angst

But overall it's kewl what are your opinions.
Note: my opinion. I haven''t seen the whole series.

#2 billielurk on 5 years ago

How far into it are you? I only ever finished the first season and have been following the second and third ones loosely, since I was pretty underwhelmed with the direction the writers took. I'm not too iffy with the voice acting, they do have some great choices in there, but the story doesn't really feel consistent or interesting to me anymore. A lot of dropped plot points, a lot of boring characters. I really liked Korra herself for all of two episodes, and then she got weird. :/ Tbh I prefer ATLA's characters and storytelling to LOK. I know it wasn't intended to be a longer adventure, but they could have handled it better, and just seem to be making it worse as they go on.

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