Sephiroth cosplay help

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#1 KimmiTai on 5 years ago

So I want to remake my Sephiroth cosplay (my old one ended up going to crap due to my stupidity as I put stick on velcro onto the vinyl, also my pauldrons were made of paper mache and waaaay too heavy). However, this time I was thinking of using a heavy satin rather than vinyl since I'll wear it to A-kon which is in the summer and it gets really hot really fast.

Would a heavy satin look ok or is there a different fabric I should use?

Also, for the pauldrons, does anyone have any recommendations on how to make cheap but realistic looking ones? My paper mache ones looked awesome but again, ended up being way too heavy.

Thank you!

#2 Jei-Cos on 5 years ago

Personally I think anything other than leather (or a leather substitute: Vinyl) would look bad. It won't be the right fabric weight, so it won't drape the same as a leather or vinyl coat would. I think it's just a bad idea alltogether..But then again, that's up to you..It'll also be super noticeable "off" in any picture you take (as in, you will likely look at it and go "what? This looks very weird to the eye")

The shoulder armor can really be made out of anything you want. I'm wondering why the paper mache ones were that heavy..Maybe you used too many layers? Maybe you sealed it with the wrong stuff? Idk..But that's awful odd. I woul duse cardboard personally, but that's me..You can use foam, plastic or even metal..Which would be wicked awesome..And yes, more than likely you CAN do metal ones at a con..Most people go "but they say no metal props"..Yea, they mean no metal weapons that can cut or stab someone..Metal armor like that should be fine. I'd do it haha

#3 KouriKustoms on 5 years ago

EVA foam's an awesome material for lightweight plate armor. Harbor Freight carries EVA floor mats, yoga mats are available in most store's sporting goods section, or you can just grab some of the thicker sheets of Craft Foam at your local Michaels/Hobby Shop.

I recommend contact cement for putting the pieces together, but it is possible to get nice seams using a hot glue gun.

If you can't find a template online, you can make one from your paper mache pauldrons. You'd essentially wrap the old pauldrons in aluminum foil, then wrap that with a layer of duct tape to keep its shape. That should give you a foil/tape form in the shape of your pauldrons. You then make as many incisions necessary for this form to lay flat. Boom - you made a foil/tape template you can trace onto your foam sheets.

Cut the foam along the template and glue all the seams together. If you're not using contact cement, what you'll want to do is run a piece of tape along the outside of your pauldron seam, then run hot-glue into the seam from the inside. Once the glue's cooled, remove the tape, and you should have a smooth surface.

The trick to making foam look like metal's all going to be in the paint work. If you managed a decent paint job on your paper mache pauldrons, you shouldn't have any issue with foam ones.