Crystal Chronicles Weapon Help

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#1 Angel Tear on 5 years ago

Hey there, I'm cosplaying with my fiance from the original Gamecube version of Crystal Chronicles. We'll be doing a Yuke and Clavat.

Of course this is a pretty old game and as a result references for things are limited, but I'm pretty certain that in the strategy guide there were images of the weapons lined up. My brother owned one, but over ten years of having last seen it and moving around, I no longer have any clue where it is. So I'm here asking if anybody still has theirs and would be willing to share the images with me?

Similarly if there is some dark corner of the internet I missed which has them, that would be great too.

Thanks a million in advance!

#2 ilafatyu on 5 years ago

I remember a lineup of the character designs, but not the weapons. Crystal Chronicles has like no info out there (was going to cosplay a Selkie back in the day), so you'll need all the luck you can get in finding online resources.

#3 Angel Tear on 5 years ago

I got lucky and found a few references, including some artwork of Ragnorok. Someone from a Final Fantasy cosplay group I joined also said they have in game screenshots that they'll grab for me. So consider this solved :)