Steampunk beginner suggestions?

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#1 elizaheart on 4 years ago

I'm completely new to steampunk and I'm currently trying to put together my first outfit. So far I have this corset: [url][/url] and a pocket watch necklace (both of which I got before I was interested in steampunk, but thought would be good starting points). I have done some research and found that I really love pirate steampunk and Kato's stuff from [url][/url].
I'm on a poor man's budget, but I'm trying to make a toned down outfit that I can wear to school (I go to a university in the south and they all look at you funny if you even think to dress up), and be able to trick out to go out. Does anybody have any suggestions for cheap things to buy and/or tutorials to make my steampunk outfit? Also, I need to wear a tank top or something underneath the corset, but I can't decide what colors would be best. Any suggestions?

#2 guardianterra on 4 years ago

I would say start with the thrift shop. A long skirt, belts and boots can go along way to making a steampunk. And there are a good handful of tutorials with how to make a bustle skirt and other props if you take a look at google.

Also if you can sew this is a pretty cute little skirt [url][/url]

And if you play your sales and coupons right you can get 3.5 yards for a few bucks or look at old curtains at the thrift shop.

if you want goggles [URL=""]They are pretty cheep these days[/URL]

As far as colors Black, Green or a very deep red would work. Also don't limit your self to a tanktop. I use a men's dress shirt with the sleeves rolled and some decorative stitching or I also have several ruffled shirts that I have used in a pinch.

#3 elizaheart on 4 years ago


Also if you can sew this is a pretty cute little skirt [url][/url]


Thank you so much for this tutorial! I've actually really been wanting a skirt just like that and I am starting to get into sewing now so I might be able to make that skirt relatively soon.