Steampunk Online Shops?

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#1 maggita on 4 years ago


I am seeking A coat like this one for a Steampunk costume!


Sadly this one is in the UK and I am looking for something a little closer to home (and cheaper).

Anyone have suggestions for good online stores in the US or Canada where I could find something like it?


#2 cosplaylady on 4 years ago

That is awesome and strikingly similar in design to Alucard's jacket, so maybe that will give you a start on figuring out a more common name to search for it under. (Even has the strange shoulder coverings and the same style lapel). I can't quite find a good one myself, but if you find more (especially in black, would be awesome), please post here again!

#3 Emmejo on 4 years ago

Try searching for "great coats", they often have the attached caplet. Honestly, the closest I've seen to this style are Drover's Coats. [URL=""]Here's[/URL] one pattern. I know SuitAbility used to sell one, but I didn't see it on their website. Maybe I just missed it. [URL=""]Down Under Saddle Supply[/URL] sells pre-made coats, I've not bought clothing from them, but their tack is top-notch, so I'd assume the same for the human supplies. Unfortunately, as their name suggests, they are in AUS, so I don't know that shipping would be any cheaper.

#4 rebelscult on 4 years ago

Would this one work?

If yes then you might want to visit [URL=""][/URL] Steampunk section for similar coats

and you can find this specific coat here..

#5 hamza on 2 years ago

Hello I am custom tailor from Pakistan and can make this coat in good price.

I want you to know that we are producer for Gothic clothes for Men and Women. I can make those styles in far better price and quality.

We have several customers in Europe and USA and have successful business relations so far.

We look forward to doing business.


Hamza Saleem