Some help with a Supernatural cosplay idea?

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#1 koohiimonsutaa on 5 years ago

My plan is to dress as one of the characters, only demon-posessed. Problem is, since the characters dress in average street clothes, I worry that my outfit won't be recognized without the anti-possession tattoo, a well known symbol from Supernatural. So my idea is to get a temp tattoo, and use some makeup to draw a cut through it, breaking up the lines. In the Supernatural universe, do you think a cut would be enough to mess up the protection from the tattoo, or does it have to be completely erased?

#2 redsonja1313 on 5 years ago

ok- so I am unclear are you going as Demon Sam or Dean ?? Or a Demon ? Abandon has very recognizable street clothes. (she is on my to do list !!) but if you are just doing a character possessed, yes just breaking one line on the seal renders it useless but for aesthetics I would do a couple

#3 koohiimonsutaa on 5 years ago

I'm gonna be female Demon Sam x3 hes my favorite

#4 redsonja1313 on 5 years ago

I would look at the promo posters for each season then and pic a Sammy outfit that way