FF14: Realm Reborn - Azure Dragoon

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#1 Novaura on 5 years ago

The desire to get into cosplay for me comes after playing FF14: Realm Reborn and having a relationship with a young lady who I played the game with for a half a year. We became close after she asked me for help with the chance to play as a Dragoon and when she told me she had a crush on me, we never looked back. We had a lot fun together and got to know each other very well and since both of our avatars were Mi'qote, we even dubbed ourselves the "Mi'qote Dragoon Death Squad" with a motto of "Kick ass and look Bad Ass."

Unfortunately, circumstances have discouraged her from continuing to play the game and she has chosen to distance herself from everything and everyone she knew from the game, including me. This was a sad discovery as she was the first real relationship that I had and I truly loved her as much as she loved me.

So for my first cosplay outfit, I want to honour the love that we had by having an Azure Dragoon outfit. This is certainly no small feat, as the Azure Dragoon armour has a lot of attention to detail with some pieces of the armour having sections that glow in the dark. As well, the accompanying spear is longer than the avatar is tall.

I know that people take commissions and I am willing to provide screenshots from the game for reference for anyone who is willing. As far as budget is concerned, I am looking to spend about $500.

So if anyone is willing to offer to help me out on this, i would be truly grateful because after all, I am doing this for someone who I loved and will continue to do so.

#2 Tsuole on 5 years ago

Hey, I don't want to get your hopes down but I truthfully don't think this is feasible for both a first cosplay piece and with that budget. This particular dragoon gear is one of the most demanding armor sets I have ever seen for a cosplay - there is very little you can 'fudge and get away with' unfortunately.

You would need a real armor specialist to work on set, not to mention retain its athletic and sleek look. It would be much easier to go bulky with armor.

I would strongly recommend a different gear set particularly for your first costume...

Lastly, when doing a FFXIV cosplay and you need reference images I would suggest FFXIVmodel.com They're rotatable and you can isolate what it is that needs to be built.

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