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#1 polarboat on 5 years ago

I know I want to cosplay haikyuu for otakon 2015. If I can I'd rather avoid having to wear a wig, so I was thinking of designing a haikyuu quest outfit for natsu. The only thing holding me back is that no one would know who I am. Anybody else have haikyuu cosplay plans?

#2 AnimeViolinist on 5 years ago

I'll be cosplaying Sugawara for a panel next year- we'll have the whole team :D

#3 polarboat on 5 years ago

That's cool. I'm sure you'll make a great suga! I'm still really trying to figure out what I want to spend money on next. Right now it is between manga Yaku and Haikyuu quest Kenma.

#4 LluviaSarcasm on 5 years ago

If you wanna see the other HQ!! cosplayers here, you can check out the thread we already have:


#5 polarboat on 5 years ago

Ok, thanks!

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