Chibi moon/Uranus for katsu 2015

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#1 Acronymsoup66 on 5 years ago

Hello! I am looking for a Sailor Chibi Moon and Sailor Uranus for my Sailor Moon Crystal group for Katsucon 2015.

Before you go-- hey wait-- crystal hasn't gotten to the outers. For our outers we are using a combination of the manga and the existing crystal art.

Sailor Uranus -- We have your neptune. Come and get her gg. Jk. I have a wig that you may barrow, or you could purchase your own. However one of the musts for our outer is their talismans (your buster sword).

Sailor Chibi Moon - Boots are predetermined (So they match Sailor Moons), anything else your moon mama will surely help you find.

Keep in mind that this group is going to be a Saturday all day thing. I will do your makeup early in the morning, and we have shoots into the night (where a photographer is photoshooting a moon into photos which is really cool)

How and what you make your fuku of is also predetermined. We've been planning this group since the summer, we've just recently received some drop outs.

Also fb is a must. I dont care if you delete me after the group in febuary but we use the fb forums for communication because our group is huge. (Its going to be at eleven)

Please message my cosplay page if you're interested because I dont check this near enough, but if you need to email me, shoot me a message at [email][email protected][/email]