AX 2017 One Piece Gathering

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#1 Kiosuke_X on 1 year ago

Kiosuke is back for the traditional One Piece gathering! We've been running strong for the past few years and i'm here to bring it back again! Hopefully we'll have ribbons and depending on funds, some other activities but lets get it started!

Time: Either 1pm or 3pm (We're trying for 3 but if the Overwatch gathering takes and claim the spot, 1pm will be the back up spot)

Day: Day 3 (July 3rd, Monday)

Location: Site 6 Lindsay Plaza/Shuttle Drop off place (We had to choose that spot due to our gatherings becoming so huge ^ ^;)

Attendee List:
Kiosuke_X (Sanji - Either Time Skip or One Piece Gold all white)
Kiosuke_X's co-host and brother Kisuke (Luffy)

#2 CelCosplay on 1 year ago

what days is this going to be at? day 1 or day 2. ill be lufffy without the trademark of his hat.